TV SHOW: SMITTY, by Jason Holland

7fd4cb7f4e posterDo we really know who we are? The greatest trick the devil played is convincing the world it didn’t exist. What if you are something more then what you can imagine, and the only way to find out is to walk through satan’s gate. A young man found out just how special he was when he was giving the option of changing his life, but at a major cost. This is the story of Reptilian Smitty.


Writer Biography – Jason D. Holland

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My name is Jason Holland; I love to write. I wrote my first book in the 2nd grade. It was titled “The Sun Ends in California, and I Hate My Coat”. That name might seem silly, but it had great meaning behind it. It was winter time, my mother made me wear this horrible red coat. I figured the only way not to wear the coat is to move to California where it is always sunny. So I wrote a book for my class project explaining why everyone should move to California. I just knew my mother had no choice but to take notice. I felt confident that we were going to move.

I though my book would have inspired my mother; it did, however, I still had to wear my coat. My mother then said something that always stuck with me. She said “Way to think outside the box.”

I loved that book. Every since then, I have been writing. I found that imagination mixes well with real life stories.

I have written two scripts, one is called SMITTY, the other is called Revers Society, both are drama, action, and thriller base. I am currently on my fourth children book series as well, called The Growing Bean. The book is about helping kids grow into who they are, and not what society wants them to be.

My first book was self published and is now all over the colonial school district, and doing well.

I can write just about anything but comedy. I am a naturally happy person. I can sit and make up a whole story without writing it down. The funny part of it is, my mind will actually believe its true, which will give me the correct emotion’s when writing.

I feel in order to write; you have to really put yourself in the story as if its happening to you. I always remember, if you have no emotion when writing, neither will your audience when watching or reading.

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