TV SHOW: Sorting Homegrown Issues in Therapy (SH*T)/Committed(?), by Tanishtha Dasgupta

56e678c353 posterNobody said commitment would be easy; no-one knows better than couples counselors who witness individuals hang on to domesticity by the thread. This only serves as fuel to SHILO’S distrust in relationships. We watch this marriage counselor brilliantly solve everyone else’s issues except her own as she and her two best friends try (and fail) to seek and keep a committed relationship to anyone outside of themselves.


Writer Biography – Tanishtha Dasgupta

8454e584b9 headshot

Born and raised in a conventional Indian middle-class family with unconventional ambitions, Tanishtha was allowed to pursue her creativity in the form of words by observing the world(s) around her, both within India and the United States, where she grew up learning the -mostly- beautiful chaos that comes with “adulthood”. Often mystified by the eccentricities of mankind, her tales tend to be a reflection of both the best and the worst of the people around her; both factual and fantastical.


Writer Statement

What is it about a person that makes someone stop, stare and solemnly vow to themselves that this is the person you’re going to spend the rest of their life with… only to break it the moment the next shiny, new piece of meat traipses in? We explore through the eyes of a broken woman who’s made a career out of fantastically fixing everyone aside from herself in the name of “love”. ‘Que sera, sera?’ More like ‘que sera, uhhh nah.’

Author: pitchstory

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