TV SHOW: Z, by Jose Padilha

9ba6541133 posterThe wonderful images of the Iguazu National Park, its fauna and flora, the Iguazu Falls and the Devil’s Throat, are transformed into a desolate environment, an apocalyptic world, in an exciting story of love, hate, adventure, suspense, and horror.
An unsuccessful experience with the rabies virus starts a contagion and an unprecedented pandemic, turning humans into violent zombies.
Using as part of the scenario, the human anthill’s labyrinths of “Ciudad del Este” in Paraguay, and the borderland of Foz do Iguazu in Brazil, a chaotic world which emerges from irrational businessmen’s ambitions from international corporations.
A consortium of international companies led by Vital Import Corp.’s funds research of chemical weapons made in a clandestine laboratory in Lai Lai Shopping Center’s underground, in Paraguay.
The survivors, unknown until then, are trapped in an abandoned market. The relationship between them reveals internal conflicts, destabilizing the fragile physical and psychological structures of the new market inhabitants.
The inner and outer logic, good and evil, places to the test their concepts, forcing them to discuss and re-evaluate their ethical and moral conduct, while a scary and dangerous universe is formed outside the market.
A horde of ferocious and hungry zombies approaches and surrounds the market on every side.
A powerful metaphor of our time, where religious and political intolerance is about to reveal a fissure in society.


Writer Biography – Jose Padilha

A36a95c813 headshot

Jose Padilha is an award-winning screenwriter in Hollywood.

Award Nominated / Winner in 79 International Festivals (40 in US, 23 in Los Angeles).

Wrote the scripts:

“Lilith The Vampire” selected and awarded at 51 international festivals (31 in US, 20 in Los Angeles);

“Z” selected and awarded at 16 festivals in the world;

“And I Will Love You All of Forever, and Even After” selected and awarded at 7 festivals in the world;

“…For Mothers and Children…” selected and awarded at 5 festivals in the world;

Jose Padilha is Bachelor in Performing Arts – Theatre Directing (1999); He is a postgraduate in Underground Cinema and Low Budget Productions (2004) and also in Production and Documentary Directing (2007), with more than 50 extracurricular courses and workshops in these areas: film, television and drama. Producer and Director of the following documentaries: “El Titiritero de Banfield” (2007), “O Samurai de Curitiba” (2011) .

He was the producer of the 12th Film and Human Rights Festival held in december, 2018 (Brazil).

Currently he is screenwriter and director the movie projects:

“Lilith The Vampire”, “Killer Joker”, “Z”, “And I Will Love You All of Forever, and Even After”, “…For Mothers and Children…”,  “The Demon Candle”, “Night of Aliens”, “The Frogs Song”, “Love”, “Project A”, “Rain”, “Real Life”, “Apocalipse 8:12”, “100 Days More”, “Paradise Island”, “Asylum”, “20 Cents Revolution”, “April, 29”, “Somos Todos Pinheirinho” and coordinates the creative core of Moinhos de Vento Filmes and Extremum Produções Culturais.

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