Feature Screenplay: In the times of my general, by Sandra Becerril

Dominic is a respected and beloved professor at UNAM in Mexico 1968, who is dying. Toño, a student who admires him, starts visit him daily. Anna, the wife of Dominic, decides to give him a journal in which he will read the times of the Revolution through the eyes of two children of different classes placed in a Jesuit school in Puebla, one born in Oaxaca (Dominic) and one in the North of the country (Pepe), one admiring Porfirio Diaz and the other hating him. To live in this critical time of Mexico, had to create their own world, letting their fantasies with alushes, Gypsies and Mexican legends come to life and mix with the reality that slaps them and the enormous changes that had seen only in dreams as film and cars also destroys their lives in their wake as they, clinging to their remaining children and their close friendship, not maul fight for their own illusions. A girl boarding a pawn worker (Anna), will accompany theem from the start guiding them through the enigmatic and alluring world of myths outside the religion they were raised and events in the country, which in spite children, will not stop, that sooner or later overtake slapping and taking away the most precious. While Toño read the history, legends begin to wrap him, not believing what the diary says.
The innocence, the legends, the courage, the incredible and historic in the history intermingle Dominic leading to a text that does not explain the events, just let it happen, giving them the opportunity to be from another point of view.
Those children, have the opportunity to interact with great personalities of his generation who changed the course of the history of Mexico, progress overwhelming and cruelty of men, do not let the legends die and chasing, them trying to be heroes lose even life.
Toño, at the funeral of Dominic, realizes that all the fantasy that he did not believe, is much more tangible than he imagined.

Writer Biography – Sandra Becerril Robledo

77e3581074 headshot

She has published with Random House the novels “The name of the clouds”, “Love me more”, “Who are you thinking about killing” and the bestseller “Valley of Fire” among other novels. She has written 65 screenplays, making her the most prolific screenwriter in Mexico and the United States and the first Mexican to write for the Masters of Terror in Hollywood. He directed the films “El Escondite”, “La Venganza” and “Está Aquí” (best script in Feratum 2014), “It will be for that”, the series “Café, Café”, “Remix”, “Campus de sombras”, ” The Department “, among others. Among his most important scripts are: “Santiago, apostle”, “I am afraid”, “The Wrist of Ari”, “The step”, “From your hell” (best screenplay and Best horror film Feratum 2016), “Economy “,” Pierrot “, the plot” Almost Thirty “(nominated to the Ariel) and” Nightmare Cinema “directed by Mick Garris.

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