LA Festival: HEARTLESS, by Taofeek Adekunle

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In supreme court, FBI filed a fraud case against Harvey(53), a corrupt conglomerate billionaire who is accused of laundering billions for drug cartels via his bank. FBI had planted a mole in his BANK who exposes him. With overwhelming evidence destined to put him behind bars. However, defence Lawyer, Jackson(33) turns the case on its head with incredible tactics.
To FBI disappointment, Harvey is found not guilty, but he is fined and stripped of his bank. Harvey’s board members are extremely angry at Harvey’s corrupt leadership. Opportunistic Vice president Wesley propose they take a vote of no confidence against Harvey and install him as CEO. Harvey uses dirty strategies to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat during the Board Voting process.The genius billionaire now thinks himself as Invincible!
Harvey soon meet and threatens his DOCTOR, Richard(49). He loaned the doctor enormous cash for his new Hospital. Richard is under immense pressure to get the billionaire a mysterious special package.
In another NY Hospital, Dr. John(34), his spending his last days in NY, as he got offered CMD role in Mandom Community Hosp.(6 hours away from NY) by his mentor Dr. Walters, who is retiring as CMD in MCH.
FBI still determined to nail Harvey, sent out Special agent Blaze and his 4 man team to stake out Harvey’s main casino office. Unaware Harvey’s casino building is under watch by FBI. Robbers hit the casino in a 10 mins strategic sting to avoid NYPD. Blaze seeking excitement, Publicity and promotion order his team to jump protocol and storm the casino gun blazing.
The AGENTS shows tactical skills in taking out the robbers. However, lead bugler grabs a hostage. Blaze whispers to his sharpest shooter SAM TO SHOOT THE BUGLER, but Sam object and hesitated. However, Blaze ORDERS HIM. SAM fires but his bullet hit the hostage’s head instead. All the robbers are Killed but Blaze and three hostages are injured. Emotional Sam approaches the Dead hostage. The other AGENTS converge around injured Blaze. Blaze whispers to them ‘we will set up SAM and lie that he took that fatal SHOT AGAINST MY ORDERS. The injured are all treated in the Hospital where Dr. John works. John reunites with his old lost best friend BLAZE from high school.
Next day, SAM is betrayed by his TEAM, he is arrested and made the sacrificial lamb to the press. Jocovic an I.T expert working for Harvey discovers and shows shocking video play-back of a secret hidden casino camera which videoed Blaze whispering/ordering SAM to take the ill-fated SHOT. Blaze is lured to Harvey’s house where the scandalous video clip is reviled to him. However, Harvey offers him membership to his cult family. Harvey grantees Blaze a fortune if he changes loyalty and also if he can get him a SPECIAL PACKAGE.The rouge agent Pledges loyalty and asks what the package is about?. Harvey reviles his heart is failing, he needs a new heart. Richard has been scouting for new heart illegally for him but has shown incompetent process. Harvey comes up with an audacious plan for Blaze to get him the new heart. Blaze organises his rouge agents into action, they almost succeeded but encountered unforeseen problems and aborted the plan.
Blaze call JOHN(new CMD/cardiologist in MCH), he casually asks him about ORGAN HARVEST. JOHN reviles he does sabbatical work in Africa and he sees many of such cases. Blaze plans to visit John and ask him to use his connection to harvest a heart for Harvey. Blaze notify Harvey about JOHN resume and how the Doctor would do anything for money. Harvey gives enormous cash contract to Blaze to offer John.
With Harvey’s declining health, he discovered RICHARD just exposed his secret to WISELY in exchange for cash and also that Richard has been administering toxic drugs on him in order to cause his heart to completely fail-an attempt by Richard not to pay back a huge debt he owes him. Harvey orchestrated Richard and Wesley accidental deaths before his secret leaks.
Harvey and Jackson follow Blaze and his rouge agents to Mandom Community- An attempt to get JOHN to start treatment and detoxify sick Harvey and also find him another heart. Blaze hides Harvey’s identity but he discloses other secret and offers John the CASH CONTRACT. However, John struck Blaze and DECLINED.
Harvey is now almost unconscious. Desperate Jackson and Blaze come up with a DEAR DEVIL PLAN.They realised that MCH is situated far from town. Jackson summons Jocovic and extremely armed mercenaries to meet them in Mandom community. By Night, they proceed and kills officers of Mandom sheriff station. Next at community telecom. sever centre, Jocovic crashed phone/internet signal of the whole Mandom community. They reach John’s hospital and holds the patients and staffs hostage.
Jocovic hacks into the Hospital database, Jackson reviles to subdue staffs that Harvey needs another heart and it will be donated by either a staff or patient whose blood and body tissues matches with Harvey’s. The heart transplant will be done by JOHN, If John succeed they will all be released but if JOHN fails, the staffs and their families will be killed. They instill their threat by eliminating all Hospital securities. After HLA test, Only JOHN’s heart matches with Harvey’s. They need another cardiologist to harvest John’s heart. From the database, they found another cardiologist Home address- Retired Dr. Walters. Blaze and his gangs set out to kidnap him.
With reduced mercenaries in theatre, DR.Gabriel(amputee army veteran) motivated staffs and they put their bodies on the line and attacks the Mercenaries, while some staffs die, remaining staffs were able to kidnap SICK Harvey and take some ammunition, the staffs form a makeshift barricade. Jackson offers John in exchange for Harvey, Gabriel agreed.
At Walters house, Blaze kills clever Mrs. Walters, whom almost ruin their plan. they kidnap Walters and his grandson Eric(10). Eric takes along his i spy-bully schoolbag with him (the schoolbag has secretly hidden camera recorder)- he is recording everything…
Blaze reaches the hospital and hears the situation.He threatens to chop off little Eric’s finger if JOHN doesn’t surrender himself. JOHN ask to be exchanged with Eric, but as JOHN and ERIC exchange is taking place, Blaze notices the hidden LIVE hidden camera. BRAVE Walters who is stabilizing Harvey on the bed, sacrifice himself and slashes the jugular vein of Harvey. Walters is shot dead, at the same time, John stabs Blaze with a surgical knife, the doctor grabs Eric and dives towards barricade but Blaze also shoots him in the arm. Harvey is now dead. Jackson told Furious Blaze to kill all staffs and clean up all evidence and he will be rewarded accordingly by him.
In an EPIC battle between Hospital staffs lead by Dr. Gabriel and rogue agents/ mercenaries lead by BLAZE. From automatic guns, to sound bombs to C4 to RPG are used against each other. The ‘courage’ and ‘will’ of the staffs are incredible but they were never a match for the rogue agents. All the staffs are killed leaving only injured Gabriel, JOHN and ERIC. However, Jackson and most mercenaries are also dead. BLAZE and his team’s goal now is to destroy all evidence and leave the crime scene but Gabriel sacrifices his life by holding off the rogue agents to give John and Eric opportunity to run out into the dark woods.
In the woods, John hides nervous Eric, the doctor bids him sad farewell- John goes to run and lead the rogue agents away, the Doctor is finally shot, Blaze inflict inhumane torture on him but he won’t reveal ERIC’s location but eventually, they found ERIC and the camera bag. From moment away from being killed, John and Eric are rescued by Retired old special force snipers who were Neighbourhood best friends of LATE DR Walters. As the veterans move JOHN out of the woods, he looks to the sky and says ‘REST IN PEACE MY BRAVE FRIENDS’.

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