LA Festival: HIGH BELIEFS, by Mike Heff

7bdc5a8a08 posterFred’s stoner landlord Goose convinces him to help prank their famous roommate Dylan, who claims to be a UFO abductee. Things go awry when the prank makes Dylan sabotage his own career and put himself in the cross-hairs of dangerous government agencies.

Writer Biography – Mike Heff

Bc86443e4b headshot

I decided to write my first screenplay in 2018 when I turned 28. I was writing, directing, and producing music videos for my band at the time. They let me do whatever I want, make these crazy, story-line driven music videos. So after tying my hand at video production for a few years, I started to realize that the only way I’d really feel fulfilled creatively in this medium, was to become a writer. I had no idea if I had the discipline to do it though. I set goal, I would spend one year focusing only on writing a screenplay. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel by the end, but now that I’m here, I know one thing for sure, I’m not done. It’s like when my mom took me to see “The Fellowship of the Ring” in 2001. I had no clue what kind of adventure I was about to go on, but by the end, I was ready to take my ass to Mt. Doom with Frodo. I had the same feeling after finishing my first script, I want more. The adventure’s not over.


Writer Statement


High Beliefs is special to me not only because it’s my first screenplay, but the stories are drawn from my personal experiences. It may seem fantastical to some, but in the Bay Area, meeting someone who says they’re abducted by aliens is the least strange thing youll experince that day.

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