LA Festival: THE WELL INTENDED, by Marc I. Daniels

205fc1137d posterA young, independent woman fighting demons of her past tries desperately to find answers to the sudden disappearance and death of her childhood soul mate at the hands of a mysterious religious cult. While battling the daily grind, she finds solace in the affection of a teenage girl who is struggling to find herself.

Writer Biography – Marc I. Daniels

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Marc I. Daniels began writing at age 8. His first pieces consisted of poems, short stories and song lyrics. By age 16 he had a handful of works published in various literary collections and won several awards for his writing. He has since relegated himself to only writing screenplays. His stand-alone directorial debut came with the short feature film “Waterless”. He wrote the screenplay based on his own short story originally conceived at age 16. It has since been shown in 18 festivals and won 1 award (best short feature) and was nominated for 3 others in various international festivals/contests. He continues work on a plethora of other screenplays and screenplay ideas in development.

Writer Statement

The common denominator within this piece revolves around a variety of individuals intertwined together by circumstance, who are each struggling with their own demons, while trying to simply “make it” in life on a day-to-day basis in a world that is often ruthless and unforgiving.

Though much of this story is told primarily from Drew’s point of view, the viewpoints of each of the main and supporting characters are explored at least once. Many of the concepts and themes woven throughout are highly controversial. Yet, I strongly feel that the crux of the so-called controversy rests behind the fact that this piece often says out loud what many of us feel or think, but never dare to say, in fear of judgment or retribution by others. Simply put, this may create a feeling of “comforting discomfort” in the midst of viewers, who most assuredly have either been through themselves, or witnessed one or more of the major events that occur. This film caters to a wide age range, as persons from 13-70 will be able to relate to the plot’s crux, or at least one of the crucial subplots which assist in building the tale as a whole. We live in a chaotic, self-destructive society where priorities have leaned toward corporate greed rather than individual compassion. This film touches heavily on modern issues. It does not glorify negative events, but it does present them in a down to earth manner. A given character, just as someone in real life, does not always make the right choice in dealing with a given problem. In this forum, that happens, but the character in question will learn something from it, even if in an indirect and painful way. Solutions to problems are not always smooth as silk, as you will see.

In my own experiences, I have personally known and been close to an exorbitant number of women who have suffered from a situation which seemingly punishes them simply for being a woman, including everything from unequal pay and societal degradation, all the way to sexual assault and violent physical abuse. This story, as its told, will serve to increase sensitivity in this area to the average viewer.

Through my long time love of film and theatre, I have learned that a big budget film is often not necessarily reflective of its quality and vice versa. Even though some content may be deemed controversial, there is no such thing as bad press. Ever. This movie can be done for a relatively small amount of money considering our already solid foundation. One more note I think worth mentioning; I strongly believe that music can help to make or break a film, and it is for this reason that the music and score will be given special personal attention in post-production. I myself have seen films that I would not otherwise be interested in, but the trailer had such fitting and powerful music, I felt compelled to give it a try. That said, in the end it doesn’t much matter if I enjoyed the film as much as I thought I would…because I still bought the ticket.

It is somewhat unorthodox for a straight male to write and direct a film which revolves around a lesbian relationship. I have taken great pains (through research and interviews) in making sure that the scenes between these women are realistic and non-gratuitous. That said, this storyline will appeal to almost all males, any ages, gay females, and even straight females who appreciate the depths of a longtime friendship and support system that is so special and different from a typical male “bromance”.

The original idea for this script emerged one day during a moment of inspiration, and twenty hours later I had a completed first draft for a twenty-minute short. Since then, the content has been expanded and gone through many changes as a result of looking within and learning about our society, our culture at large, and how we, as human beings, deal with everyday life as a whole. My personal attachment to the story is what allowed me to freely delve into the minds and hearts of the characters, creating a separate and specific identity for each individual in a compilation of events, many of which are based on a variety of circumstantial truths that have actually taken place.

All that said, I am both thrilled and thoroughly excited at the opportunity to tell this story through the cinematic medium, and I feel with certainty that this universal story will ring true in the ears and eyes of viewers for years to come.

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