TV FESTIVAL: RAISED, by Cati and Mike Gonzalez

7c9e2c0474 posterA “Nuyorican” story about a teenager who loses his Mother to a rare disease at a very young age and ends up in the care of his Aunt who raises him. The boys Father, whom he hasn’t seen in years, faces a life sentence in State Prison; during his time spent in a cell, he finds inner peace and comfort in the Holy Bible.

The young teenager on the other hand, comes home one day to find a girl laying in a pool of blood inside of an elevator. He later discovers that one of his best friends had something to do with it and is deeply involved with a dangerous and powerful gang; that not only run the streets but are also well rooted in the prison system.

Days later, after walking his girlfriend home, he returns to his Aunt’s apartment to find her murdered in the bathroom. Horrified from the experience and refusing to be taken to a foster home; he runs away and ends up homeless on the street, where he meets two drug dealer brothers that take him under their wings and guide him into the dark life of crime.

In the end, only he can balance the scales and set his own path.


Writer Biography – Michael Gonzalez

Fe3ac71681 headshot

I’m a Independent Film Producer and self-taught Editor from New York City. My first Independent Film ‘Ekaj,’ which I Co-produced and edited, went on to screen at 65 Film Festivals worldwide. During it’s Festival run in the years of 2016 to 2018, the film garnered 29 awards and several nominations. ‘Ekaj’ was officially released online in 2017 and is currently signed with Los Angeles distributor, Indie Rights.

‘Raised’ is my first Feature Screenplay and debut as a screenwriter. The story is partly inspired on real life events.

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