The Crimson Cord* tells the stories of the lives of the women in the lineage of Jesus Christ. They were women who if given titles today might be called whore, cursed, barren, refugee, homeless, useless, ignorant, prostitute, destitute, powerless or simply a man’s property. They were ordinary women trying to survive the many challenges of being a female in their time!

Maybe they are noted in the Savior’s lineage to give us all hope. These women foreshadow the kind of people that Jesus came to save. He came from a lineage of sinners to save sinners. Yet, He remained sinless.

The women in the stories of the Crimson Cord put their hope in God against all odds. They believed that their faith in the Eternal God would prevail! And, as usual, they were right!


Script Type:Screenplay, Short Script, Stage Play, Television Script
Number of Pages:35
Country of Origin:United States
Script Language:English

Author: pitchstory

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