TV FESTIVAL: The Grim Reaper’s Henchman, by Tristan Said

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The Grim Reaper’s Henchman

The series Follows Charlie Sather, who at first glance seems a regular rich playboy, known for the wealth he inherited from his parents after their passing. However, what is not known about Charlie Sather by the world, is the passion and lust he craves for blood. He is a serial killer with an alarmingly high sex drive and through his own self-confidence and craving for attention feels no guilt for committing the acts he does. He is still somehow also a lovable character, through the comedic nature he brings to the series, often sparing the lives of people he feels do not deserve to be killed and instead murdering the assholes which he comes across in everyday life.

This all changes however when Sather is recruited by James Finch, a Christian extremist millionaire who made his fortune through the development of a computer software which he developed and sold. James claims to be a man of the church and believes it is his calling by God to help cleanse the world of sin. The way James interprets that message however, is through the understanding that in order to truly cleanse the world of evil, he must get rid of the sinners of the world. Finch recruits Charlie to be his “personal hitman” and after using his wealth to get him out of prison, Finch provides Sather with task assignments and profiles of future victims which are on his radar, and which Charlie must ‘punish’. Through the series the relationship between Charlie and James is one which is highly focused on and includes various ups and downs. We see the various clashes between the two and Charlie’s sarcastic sense of humour which always seems to come up when he does not agree with something Finch has to say.

After Charlie’s release from prison however, one woman remains sceptical about his innocence. Ramona Greensdale, is a detective / District Attorney Investigator and single mother who combats her workaholic nature with the stress of raising a son on her own. She is passionate about what she does due to specific life events which trigger a fire and desire in her where all she wants is for terrible people to be punished. Such an event includes the death of her mother who was the victim of a serial killer herself. Through the series we are introduced to her life and scepticism of Charlie, often stalking and researching the man she has now become obsessed with, knowing he is guilty. Greensdale also establishes romantic chemistry evident to the viewer with one Michael Patterson, the District Attorney who works in the same offices as the detective. It is evident that there is a romantic bond between the two with Ramona often blowing off the attention from other guys claiming she isn’t interested in a relationship and is only focused on taking care of her son or on her work. This is not the case however between her and Mike, as she embraces the attention he gives her and gradually evidently and clearly falls for his flirting techniques.

The series is a one completely filled with mystery and intrigue but strives to balance this out through comedic moments and elements found in the series such as the entire persona of Charlie Sather himself. Who provides some of the funniest moments in the series through his never-ending one night stands and annoyingly funny one liners which boil the blood of the surrounding characters in the series. Charlie lives a somewhat lonesome life, not having very many friends at all but begins to form relationships. A process previously alien to him before the start of the events which occur in this series.

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