COMEDY Screenplay: MOON AND FISHES, by Arshia Zeinali

2797736399 posterA story about a 10-year-old boy and his friends.The moon and the fishes is a story about a little boy whose kite gets to the top of the lighthouse by the sea and …


Writer Biography – Arshia Zeinali

707ec2240d headshot

Arshia Zeinali
Bachelor of directing theater of Soore Art University of Tehran ،from Iran
Cinema and Theater , Playwriter , Shortfilmswriter , Theater and Cinema director
Soore Art University’s student / And my course is Theater directing
Directing 7 Play , Play in 10 Play And 3 Play as Writer
Play in many Shortfilm and movi more than 20 times .

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COMEDY Screenplay: HERO OF NECESSITY, by Demetrio Casile

7d3249e574 posterSYNOPSI “HERO OF NECESSITY ” DI Demetrio Casile
Matteo who is thirty-five years old,italian by birth and american by adoption, is living a quiet life in New York with his young girlfriend Susan who is eight months pregnant.
11th September 2001
Matteo rushes to the airport; he needs to go to Italy pick up his old parents to then return with them to New York in order to organise the wedding.

He misses the Alitalia flight but manages to board with another company…but flight number five is hijacked by terrorists and never recovered….

On board, he finds himself beside an american couple.In her arms she holds an eight month old baby called Tommy.

Roaring….and silence….Matteo finds himself floating over the ocean and in the darkness of the night he can only hear a baby’s cries.They find themselves lying on the sand of an unknown territory.

From this moment on, Matteo will live the biggest tragedy of his life.He will not only have to look after the baby,but also deal with animals of every species imaginable which will try to kill them.

Lions,hyenas,snakes,kangaroos,pumas,bears,jackals,monkeys,rhinos,elephants,deer,zebras,wolves,tigers and crocodiles.
Matteo cannot understand where in the world he is and much less how all these animals manage to cohabit in the same place.

As days,weeks and months go past,he attacks and kills ferociously;he makes traps and becomes a “Rambo” in this hostile environment.

He carefully crafts weapons and investigates different systems and methods of protection; he then ventures off.Three years after the aircraft disaster, Matteo finally manages to get to the top of the mountain.He now looks over the other side seeking civilisation…in the distance he reads ‘Mediterranean Club’.

Suddenly he feels a gun pointing to the back of his neck;dozens of men in uniform run around him.One voice outstands all the others: “We have been looking for you for ages.After seeing all the dead animals along the way we knew you were in the area! You are completely mad going hunting with such a small child!”

Amidst all the confusion of loud voices and radios, Matteo manages to lift his gaze to read a nearby big sign attached to a metal gate.It reads:
Whilst a police officer handcuffs him, Matteo closes his eyes and falls back unconscious….


Writer Biography


Casile is Professor of Painting and Visual Education at the Institute of Fine Arts of Bologna. He is also Professor at the University of Bologna Primo Levi (p. 16). He is also the Artistic Director of the Calabria Film Festival (p. 13) and the Premio Internazionale di Scultura “Sandoni”.(P. 13)
Casile is also the inventor of Cineshow and the Salone Internazionale del Cinema in Turin.(P. 13), Screenwriter and Director he has worked alongside directors such as Comencini, Squitieri, Bolognini, Tessari, Michelangelo Antonioni, and Wim Wenders. (From p. 4 at p. 11)
Film writer, won the Solinas Award 1986 for best screenplay with “UN RAGAZZO DI CALABRIA” film directed by Luigi Comencini (Golden Lion at Venice, 1987) and starring Gian Maria Volontè, Diego Abatantuono, Giada Desideri and Therese Liotard.(P. 6-7)
In 1993 he released his first novel entitled “Around the TREE the STUPID” . edited by the publisher Lo Scarabeo. (P.14)
In 1997 he wrote and directed the film “Between Scylla and Charybdis” released nation wide in Italy in 1998, produced by Fulvio Lucisano and distributed by Italian International Film. .(P. 9)
In 2003 Casile wrote for Hollywood the screenplay for the film “the PHARAOH of the SANDS”, based on the novel by VALERIO MASSIMO MANFREDI published in Italy by Mondadori. .(P. 4)
In 2004 with Valerio Massimo Manfredi, Casile wrote the screenplay for “ the “Memorie di Adriano” by Yourcenar, a novel that is about to become a film directed by John Boorman. .(P. 12)
In 2003 he founded the nuova SCUOLA LIBERA DEL NUDO “that in just one year has 280 members with over 30 models (p. 17)
In February 2012 was invited by the Academy of CINEMA and Television of Cinecittà in Rome to hold the lesson EXCELLENT DIRECTING and ACTING.(P. 16)
In 2011 has published his second novel “LA RIVINCIATA DEL NUMERO CINQUE’ (p. 14)
In the 1980’s Casile collaborated with the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino publishing articles and illustrative vignettes.(P. 21)
Later realizes regie, stands and posters for large cinema shows and fashion together with Enrico Job (Pag20/21)
Still regie and posters for the Red Cross to government agencies.(P. 21)
Makes pottery painted vases and the pieces are signed and cataloged as original works which can be found in private collections around the world, from New York to Los Angeles.St. Petersburg etc. (P. 21)
As PROFESSOR of Painting in the ROLE of Artistic Disciplines for the Istituto d’Arte di Savona, Milan, Parma, Modena Casile was appointed by the MINISTRY of EDUCATION Commissioner for competitions to judge Pictorial Disciplines (p. 16).
Having won numerous awards for his work as screenplayer and artist he has held many meeting and debates on art and about cinema at the Otis Art Institue of Parsons of Design in Los Angels, as well as in other cities like Philadelphia, Oslo, Lausanne invited by the Italian Consul Barattolo in 2009) Reggio Cal. Parma. (Pag 5/16)
Several times was invited to the Maurizio Costanzo Show to talk about Art, Cinema and Teaching). .(P. 12)
Currently cooperates with various art galleries,( Los Angeles, Bogota, Santa Fè,, Paris, Bogota) … .(see website)
In 2011, the LUBIAM of Mantua (one of the most important fashion houses for men in the world) realizes a jacket and the lining is a reproduction of a watercolor painting by Casile. The jacket is presentedat the prestigious men fashion show at the Pitti Palace in Florence and later on the set of his film …(P. 21)
Born in Calabria, Bolognese of adoption, attended the academies of fine arts in Reggio Calabria, Bologna, New York, London, Paris, and Philadelphia. As a pupil of the Academy, first in Reggio Calabria (a pupil of Marino),then in Bologna (pupil of the Milesi and Contini) Casile won for three times in a row (only artist to achieve this honour of n.d.r review) the Lubiam of Mantua, the most important and prestigious European Prize of painting for students of all fine arts Academies in Europe.
Producing paintings in large dimensions, Casile has always privileged art exhibits at large and prestigious public spaces, (Royal Palace of Budapest, (p. 22/23.)Government Palace of Yaroslavl in Russia, Palazzo Re Enzo in Bologna …(P. 18) … etc …
To date, between private and public galleries, Assessorati alla Cultura, Municipalities, Provinces, Regions, Cultural Institutes, Consulates Casile has set up more than one hundred solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Many of his works are located in the city of New York, Philadelphia, Jenkintown (Pennsylvania), Paris, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Boston, Munich, Vienna, Montreal, Polanica Zdròj (Poland), Adelaide, Yaroslavl (Russia), Princeton (New Jersey) Budapest, and Bogota. (Pag22/23)
For many years Casile has practiced competitive athletics in track and field on the distance of 20 and 50 kilometres competing in the team Carabineri di Bologna multiple times world champions. He has participated in twelve Italian leagues absolute, six world championships and several international competitions.(P. 12)
He was also a football referee of the FGIC di Bologna.(P. 12).
For many years he has worked as a volunteer for 118 Public assistance with the city of Bologna (p. 23)

COMEDY Screenplay: SNACK WORLD, by Akihiro Hino

9127f080c4 posterWelcome to SNACK WORLD! This is a nutty universe filled with dreams and adventures. Here, you can find everything from dragons to smart devices. You can even find Chup, the hyperactive hero of this story.

Chup’s village was destroyed by a total jerk called Sultan Vinegar, who plagues the land with evil jerkiness. Chup sets out on a journey to take revenge on him, and pay him back 1,000 times over for what he did. Along the way, Chup and his traveling companions – Béarnaise, Mayonna, and Gobson – savor side-quests with new friends . . . and foes. Their far-reaching search for justice also includes magical gear to help them in harrowing scrapes. But do they have the juice to bring Sultan Vinegar down? One thing is certain: The trip is tasty indeed!


Writer Biography – Akihiro Hino, LEVEL-5, LEVEL-5 abby

Da17dc2df4 headshot

Akihiro Hino

Founder, President/CEO
LEVEL-5 Inc.

Not only is he the Founder, President and CEO of the company, Akihiro Hino is the Creative Chief of LEVEL-5 Inc.

After establishing LEVEl-5 in Fukuoka City, Japan in 1998, he has worked on multiple masterpieces such as DRAGON QUEST VIII and Whiteknight Chronicles as a developer.

He then shifted to publishing original titles, notably the PROFESSOR LAYTON series and the Ni no Kuni series.

He is also known for his unique ability to create cross-media entertainment universe, accessed through games, TV animation, toys and many more – such titles include Inazuma Eleven, Little Battlers eXperience, YO-KAI WATCH, and most recently, SNACK WORLD.

Writer Statement

As a child, I was always playing games. Even after I grew up, I never forgot how fun and elating those experiences were. The Game & Watch series were games that stood out most in my memory. They were low-tech by today’s standards, but I remember being in awe at the fact that I could hold a “world” in the palm of my hand. Perhaps it was then that I saw a true future and potential in games.

When establishing LEVEL-5, I was set on creating games that would bring the children of today the same excitement I felt as a child. This single desire is what inspired us to start this company.

With a corporate stance that left no room for compromise, we have grown today to set even more ambitious goals. During phase 1, our entire team succeeded in working together to gain trust in an industry where we were still considered a start-up developer. In phase 2, we were recognized by players through the success of prominent titles such as DRAGON QUEST VIII. In 2007, our company entered phase 3 with the release of Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Professor Layton was the first game we handled from development through to its release. With this game, LEVEL-5 transitioned from a developer to a publisher in Japan. This transformation exponentially increased our interest in all facets of the game industry. Once we pass phase 3, we will most likely be competing with the top brands of the industry in phase 4.

Making Fukuoka (Japan) the “Hollywood of the gaming industry” through the Game Factory Friendship, as well as expanding our efforts into movie and anime production are just a few of the challenges we are pursuing. However, LEVEL-5′s main arena will remain games. That is why my fellow staff and I are going to continue the path my heart has followed since day one: the journey to becoming the “number one game brand”. I want us to be known as “the world’s best,” not for the company’s capital or scale, but for the entertainment value of our products.

President and CEO,

Akihiro Hino


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COMEDY Screenplay: COEXIST, by Steve Masihoroe

1b17da61f3 posterA man and woman, individually and independently, try to fight the system, where at that time the government takes care of getting into the room, taking care of our private matters for reasons why.


Writer Biography – Steve Masihoroe

888b54830e headshot

Steve Masihoroe is a filmmaker who Directed a short drama “Ayo Kita Pulang.” It got best movie in Driyarkara Film Festival 2016 and Kampung Komunikasi Festival 2016. He was passionate & studied at Art Film School Yogyakarta & Mercu Buana University Yogyakarta, he took Communication Science. He was also written & Directed “Gowok” it got screened in Flicks Fiesta International Film Festival 2018 Malaysia nominated for best short movie, official Selection on SEAxSEA southeast asia x seattle film festival 2018 (seattle washington US), nominated for best short film OUT OF THE CAN film festival 2018 (Derby, UK) & Nominated for best director BULAN KOMUNIKASI 2018. He was also be Advisor in Ruang Gelap, audio visual club & production. The other movie, “closer” got official Selection on Fiagra Horror film festival 2018 too.

1. stranger (2015)
2. ayo kita pulang (2016)
3. binasa (2016)
4. closer (2016)
5. ritual sosial sampah visual (2018)
6. gowok the ins and outs of a woman’s body (2018)

Writer Statement

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TV SHOW: Chief Executive, by Una M. Bolger

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Feature Screenplay: Himal Gold: Murder and Intrigue in the High Mountains, by Raymond A. Porter

Feature Screenplay: Bittersweet Serenity, by Louetta Jensen and Paul Lawrence

Feature Screenplay: Blues brother’s forever, by Philip G. Neri

Feature Film: Out of the Wilderness, by Olga Pyshnyak-Lawrence

Feature Screenplay: THE SYMBIOSIS, by Gunseli Orhon & T. Mehmet Aksu

Feature Screenplay: Peter (Trilogy), by Daniel Thomas James Dismuke

Feature Film: Demon Lover, by Armando De Aguero

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Feature Screenplay: JACKIE RAE: A SAN FRANCISCO STORY, by Kip Pearson

Feature Screenplay: Moving Paintings, by Ian Miller

Feature Screenplay: Mark Twain’s THE GILDED AGE, by Richard A. Schwartz

Feature Film: THE CHOICE IMAGE, by Richard Winzeler, Scott Morgan

Feature Screenplay: The Dance, by Xavier West

Feature Screenplay: Pride before the fall, by Obiora Gabriel OKOSI

Feature Screenplay: A CORRUPTED CHANGE, by Craig Taylor

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Feature Film: Burning Delusions, by Cezanne Taharqa