ANIMATION Feature Screenplay: SMART PITCH, by Adnane Laala

Log Line : A nice computer virus helps the programs to get rid of the antivirus pressure!/ A nice computer Virus switches sides and helps the programs to get rid of
the Antivirus bully.
Pitch: Smart, a cheeky computer virus, invades a computer to steal confidential data but to his surprise no program pays attention to him! The programs are exhausted
due to the permanent pressure and excessive control exercised by the Antivirus. His path crosses with Cursor and she convinces him to change his original purpose and
join her team to fight against these harsh methods. In the end all the programs must participate to stop the oppressive “injustice” of the Antivirus and its agents.
The whole story is HILARIOUS! All for a spectacular and unexpected end! It’s also an original concept which brings the audience close to the digital world: Each area is
well described and very detailed, until THE FINAL SHOCK of the story!

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By pitchstory

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