COMEDY Feature Screenplay: The Redneck and The Robot, by Michael Miller

Opposites attract despite opposition, when a roughneck cowboy falls in love with a robot, but can she love him back?

A widowed rancher can’t find love in West Texas. When a friend suggests a female, robatic companion he orders one. The beautiful, humanoid is better than he imagined. He teaches her how to act like a Texan, she helps him around the ranch and he falls in love with her. When a team of military contractors show up to take her back, they head for the hills. Surrounded, she becomes a weapon, who fires on their enemy and they escape. But leaving the area, a predator drone attacks. She saves him at the cost of her own life, so it seems…

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Writer Biography

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Originally from L.A., I frequent there often, but have lived in Kauai, Hawaii since the 70’s, where I own and publish (with a team of six employees), four successful visitor magazines and web sites (see I have 30 years of experience in writing, publishing, promotions and marketing.

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