Feature Script: Gentlemen Of The New Millennium, by Shirley V Morgan

Title of Story : Gentlemen Of The New Millennium.

Written by : Shirley V Morgan.

Logline : “TimesUp” and MeToo” will be obsolete words of the past, for the current and future male generations, as they change their perceptions towards all females. For this positive change, a youth who has deep respect for all females, takes a stand against his own dad who disrespects and has a callous attitude towards all females. The antagonistic conflicts between them destroys his young NBA career and interferes with the family nests, but his morals and integrity makes him succeed in restoring the dignity of his mom and all females, as well as getting back to the top of his game. Set in LA (USA), Bandra and Rishikesh (India) and Toronto ( Canada), Gentlemen Of The New Millennium, is a four-quadrant family drama feature, with an injection of basket-ball, martial arts, fashion showings and some exhilarating activities.

Genre : Family Drama.

Type : Feature Screenplay.

Author: pitchstory

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