LA Festival Logline: Wrong Planet, by Larry LeFever

Dave’s getting drunk in his dining-room, when Bob, the space-alien, appears, as by Star Trek transporter. However, it turns out, there’s some confusion, because Bob thinks it’s the year 2028, not 2019. He wonders why the highest-ranking leader of Dave’s society isn’t a woman named “Alexandria”. Bob suspects he’s on the wrong planet. Dave thinks he, too, is on the wrong planet, after Bob has run through a litany of social ills that still prevail.

Writer Biography


First-time screenwriter. No scripts produced yet. Never worked as a professional artist of any kind, though have been involved in music-making as an amateur (drums, then guitar and vocals), and, long ago, photography.

Writer Statement

Just labors of love, so far. Passion-projects. Or is that, really, what they always are to everybody everywhere?

Author: pitchstory

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