LA Festival Feature Script: #<3 4ever, by Sandra Becerril

Mila is a famous, talented painter who loses her husband Miguel in a car accident.
She lasts a depressed year, drunk, without leaving home, unable to paint. Her only company, is her friend Daniel.
One day, suddenly, somebody begin to harass her through social networks, sending her images of where she is, of her house, of her exhibitions. She does not feel safe anywhere anymore. Chris appears in her life, the attractive brother of a former schoolmate. With him she feels protected, but the harassment does not stop, on the contrary, it increases. Mila feels that she is losing her mind, she no longer distinguishes between the truth and what is happening to her, she can’t believe that someone tortures her in that way. Chris does his best to defend it.
Mila falls in love with him and in a vortex of sex and passion, Mila begins to depend on him more and more.
Daniel does not trust Chris, so he begins to investigate who he really is, and discovers a dark secret. When he goes to look for Mila to say it, he disappears. Mila, feeling abandoned by her best friend, takes refuge more and more in the arms and sex of Chris, but begins to notice that there is something strange about him. It costs more and more work because Chris is, in addition, his supplier of new and exciting drugs.
When she investiges more, she realizes that in fact the Chris with whom she has been getting herself, is not the brother of her schoolmate, and in addition the police discover the corpse of Daniel decomposed inside the mattress of Mila.
She tries to escape when, through a hacker, she discovers that Chris is the one who caused the death of her husband and has been harassing her, making her believe that he is her savior so that she depends on him and he was just a barist who attended a coffee shop that became obsessed with her years ago, who has been investigating everything about her for a long time.
The final battle will lead Mila to face her worst demons and will depend on her if she decides to stay with them or fight.


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Writer Biography – Sandra Becerril Robledo

25c2e0fbdc headshot

She has published with Random House the novels “The name of the clouds”, “Love me more”, “Who are you thinking about killing” and the bestseller “Valley of Fire” among other novels. She has written 65 screenplays, making her the most prolific screenwriter in Mexico and the United States and the first Mexican to write for the Masters of Terror in Hollywood. She directed the films “El Escondite”, “La Venganza” and “Está Aquí” (best script in Feratum 2014), “It will be for that”, the series “Café, Café”, “Remix”, “Campus de sombras”, ” The Department “, among others. Among his most important scripts are: “Santiago, apostle”, “I am afraid”, “The Wrist of Ari”, “The step”, “From your hell” (best screenplay and Best horror film Feratum 2016), “Economy “,” Pierrot “, the plot” Almost Thirty “(nominated to the Ariel) and” Nightmare Cinema “directed by Mick Garris.

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