LA Festival Feature Script: South Pasadena High School The Movie, by Ameen Makanvand

020d1ee5e3 posterThe true story behind the manifestation of one of the most important high school’s in America today.


Writer Biography – Ameen Makanvand

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Ameen Makanvand is an award-winning film director and composer of eighteen years of age whose first film was a short, surreal police interrogation comedy called “Bad-Cop-Worse-Cop”. He later went on to direct “ The New Misadventures of Kelton The Cop”. “Kelton The Cop” spawned a great many sequels of its own including “ The Epiphany 16th Lane” “ The Ghoul-Woman”, and “ My Other Better Film”, all three of which have in total received two 2nd and one 3rd place award at the Los Angeles County Fair. His subsequent fifth sequel to the “Makanvand-Kelton” series, “The Law”, which told the story of evil detectives from the original “Bad-Cop-Worse-Cop” film who took on a paranormal transient state, chasing the original “evil-doer” who’s one accused of but proven crime consisted of pulling “do-not-remove-tags” off of couches. The film went on to receive the first place award at the Reflections Art Competition.

In addition to directing films, Makanvand is a also an accomplished composer, the first of his scores which he wrote for the sixth sequel into the now well developed franchize. With a knowledge of musical theory which Makanvand taught himself, he began writing demo’s every single day, be they for film scores, songs, or stand-alone pieces, one of which-a piece titled “Opening Sequence” was awarded the first place trophy at the following years Reflections Contest, rendering him being granted the Artists Award of Merit, at the first place for his district, and third for the state. Makanvand has gone on to compose scores for so far a total of six films including those directed by himself, as well as films done by others who are acquainted with him, including his now seventh sequel to the franchize, “The Snake, The Bee”-which itself in turn recently won the 2nd place award at the LA County Fair Film Festival. Other films include “The Mediation”, “The Voice For Water”, “Operation Fighting Lion” “The Obliviator (produced by MagicHandProductions, as well as a local commercial for an organization called South Pasadena Beautiful. Makanvand is currently on production of South Pasadena High School:The Movie, and has very recently begun a relationship with the Emmy award winning band, Sukha. Makanvand let’s no day pass without having fully composed or edited, a full sheet of music, and is always looking for new avenues, both individualistic and collaborative, to extend his own potential.

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