LA Festival Short Script: Ferzad, by Fatih Güneş

65c8e43da8 posterFerzad lives with his family in a deserted village of Kars. Ferzad, who is in his early 10s, is the shepherd of the herds of both his own family and the residents of the village. Ferzad is known to have an extraordinary talent thanks to his way of easily finding animals that are lost. Many people from nearby villages started to ask for farzad’s help about finding their lost relatives and animals because in time, he also began to find people that were lost. A family who heard this talent of ferzad’s came to ask for his help about finding their child whom they lost 20 years ago. Ferzad, who was able to see the last moments of lost people, sees the last moment of this family’s lost child. Ferzad goes to the field where the child is buried with the family. The family takes out the bones and the belongings of their child from the field that ferzad had shown and hit the road to bury all those things to his new grave.


Writer Biography – Fatih Güneş

8a2a4d9846 headshot

He was born at İzmir in 13 June 1995. He maintain education Darüşşafaka college in primary school, he left and returned to İzmir. After high scholl education he started Dokuz Eylul University Film Design Department of fine arts faculty.


Writer Statement


Ferzad” is about tragedy of ” Saturday Mothers”.
Saturday Mothers
“The action launched in 1995 by mothers who never again saw their children following their arrest by the security forces has reached its 700th week. The Saturday Mothers’ action is deemed to be the longest lasting civil disobedience action in the world following the Plaza de Mayo Mothers. Vanishing while in custody, which become systematized with the 1980 military coup, turned into state policy especially in the 90’s. The Saturday Mothers have for 23 years repeated their demands for justice under the banner “The perpetrators are known so where are the vanished?”.

From the newspaper – Desribe about Saturday Mothers

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