LGBT Feature Feature Script: Cuba The Diva, by Andre Gaumond

A very feminine Cuban young man fights against all odds to become an opera singer in a country where Salsa is the rule and the only way out lies in his dreams.


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Writer Biography – Andre Gaumond

Andre gaumond director1

Andre Gaumond started to work in cinema in 1983. He has worked on many features film as a first assistant director or as a script supervisor for many years.

As a screenwriter he received for his Sci-Fi screenplay « Zakis » the Award for Best Feature Screenplay at the Angel Film Award Monaco International Film Festival. The 3rd BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY at the INDIE FEST USA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and the BEST FEATURE SCREENPLAY at the WINNIPEG REAL TO REEL FILM FESTIVAL. He received an Honorable Mention at the Orlando Hispanic Film Festival, for his screenplay, « Cuba La Diva » a dramatic musical.

He has produced, directed and was the director of photography on many documentaries like: « I can’t, I live in Cuba! », « Vietnam, The Country Of Dreams », « L’Excision, Un Mal Qui Fait Encore Mal » and many more.

He was cinematic director for video games at UBISOFT, like: Batman, Tarzan, Jungle Book Rhythm’n groove, and cinematic supervisor for other games: Rainbow VI- Raven Shield, and Myst IV.

He was the Producer, Director and Screenwriter of the short fiction film « UN FILS (A Son) » which has won the GRAND JURY AWARD at the Awareness Film Festival, the AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD at The Mix International Short Film Festival, the BEST SHORT at the Commffest, the BEST LGBT at the Queens World Film Festival, the BEST LGBT at the Golden Egg Film Festival, the 3rd PREMIO VIDEO at the Torrelavega International Short Film Festival, the BEST ACTOR, BEST SCRIPT, BEST DIRECTOR at the Puerto Rico International Film Fest & Convention, the PREMIO JURADO JOVEN at the Festival Internacional Cine Social de Castilla La Mancha and the BEST SHORT at the Downbeach Film Festival. And it was presented in more than 40 films festivals.

RUN OUT has won the AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD au Art Color Digital Cinema International Film Festival. And it was presented in more than 40 films festivals.

SWAP, this tv pilot series, is presently presented in film festivals around the world. It has already won the JURY HONOR MENTION at the Short Long World Festival, Corrientes, Argentina, the BEST WEB/TV SERIES at the Berlin Sci-fi Film Fest, the BEST WEB / NEW MEDIA at the Near Nazareth Festival, the BEST WEB/TV/NEW MEDIA SERIES at the Oneota Film Festival, the BEST TV / NEW MEDIA at the James Bond III Film Festival, the BEST MEDIUM LENGHT FILM at the Fixion Fest Fantastic & Horror Film Festival.

He has also directed 56 web clips and music video for the series BIB TOP ACADEMY for Apartment 11 Productions.

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