LGBT Festival Feature Script: SHAGGY, by Ella Dawoud

Logline: Set in a quiet Florida town, two detectives investigate ritualistic homicides of shaggy men, when detective Hull discovers a connection with the cold case of his daughter, Madeline.

SHAGGY is a script that has a very strange feel to it and keeps the audience on edge as two detectives try to solve the murderers of men with shaggy hair just as the cold case of one of the detectives, Hulls, older daughter is reopened. We follow the journey as Hull learns to accept the loss of his daughter which he finally do in the end as he looks at his younger daughter with acceptance as a symbol of a final closure. The ending leaves us with an unexpected prime suspect that leaves the audience scratching their head.

Writer Biography – Ella Dawoud

To introduce myself I am a tiny girl from an even tinier country. I have studied Social Work and have been writing scripts for years as a hobby except for Shaggy which I wrote with intent to publish.

I love movies and believe that imagination sets no limit. I am inspired by movies like Inception, Cake, The Sixth Sense, se7en – pieces that makes the audience think.

Writer Statement


Imagination sets no limit

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