TV Series: THAROS, by Joshua Okoromodeke



LOG LINE: Tharos is a cosmic and ancient African deity, a gate keeper between the celestial realm and earth, given the responsibility to keep the Orishas “Dark evil demigods” from entering the earth so as to prevent them from causing chaos and enslaving the entire human race to their evil will. But every 100 years, the cosmic powers preventing these dark forces from entering the earth grows weak as Tharos requires a human host to be personified so as to carry out this sacred mission from earth. Each 100 years, a rift is torn in the cosmic barrier and most Orishas penetrates the earth while a new host is been chosen by an oracle of the gods and the gods choose Josh, an African Nigerian from Delta State from a humble background. Apart from the hash day to day life of coping with school issues due to the poor economic state of his environment and trying to survive each day, There are other dark forces who want the power of Tharos for their selfish means but were not happy with the decision made by the gods to choose Josh because it was discovered that Josh’s parents were of mixed races and so throughout the story, young Josh had to find a way to drive back the Orishas that have penetrated the earth while fending off other dark forces at war with him because of the power of Tharos, and at the same time trying to balance his life and protecting the lives of those close to him.



Author: pitchstory

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