Top Feature Script Pitches for August 2019

Feature Script: THIRTEEN UNSEEN, by Angela McCollin—

Feature Script: Perfect Species, by Konstantin Selivan

Feature Script: STARK, by Andres Benatar

Feature Script: Butcher’s Daughter, by Gabil Sultanov

Feature Script: LITTLE SISTER, by Javier Mera Sevilla

Feature Script: WHISPERS IN THE WIND, by Bille Harris

Feature Script: Sins of My Father, by Jane Therese

LA Festival Feature Script: EYES OF A SWAMI, by Kim Renner

LA Festival Feature Script: THE LAPDOG, by Christopher Leong

LA Festival Feature Script: Under the Rose, by Jude Quintiere

LA Festival Feature Script: Stabiliti, by Goutham Kanade

LA Festival Feature Script: HUSTLE THE EAST, by Stu Glauberman

LA Festival Feature Script: South Pasadena High School The Movie, by Ameen Makanvand

LA Festival Feature Script: #<3 4ever, by Sandra Becerril

LA Festival Feature Script: Withdrawal, by Valerie Miller

LA Festival Feature Script: Good Movie In The Luck Business, by Dylan Stagno

LA Festival Feature Script: THE VIRGIN CAR THIEF, by Bruce Hickey

LA Festival Feature Script: Butterfly’s feather passerby, by Narjes

ANIMATION Feature Script: FREE YOURSELF, by Kelly LaCombe

Feature Script: THIRTEEN UNSEEN, by Angela McCollin

Title of Story: Thirteen Unseen

Written By: Angela McCollin

Logline: They’ve been torn apart by war, now torn apart by time.
An intricate web of time-travel, reincarnation, witches and a mysterious enemy

who could end them all. Can they stop the evil before it starts another war?

They’re running out of time and lives together, or is thirteen really their last?

Genre: Fantasy / Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay

NOVEL: The Spirit of Hope, by Charles Herchert

Title of Story: “ The Spirit of Hope “
Written by: Charles Herchert
Biography: A Family’s Triumph over a Storm of Evil!
Meticulously researched and written by Charles Herchert, ‘The Spirit of Hope: A family triumph over a storm of evil’ tells the poignant and uplifting story of the author’s German father. Shot down in Africa and taken prisoner in the United States and later returned to the United States with this family to the country of his incarceration, to escape the tyranny of his home land and afford his family a new life. 
In a fast-paced courageous account where truth is more powerful than fiction, Charles Herchert retraces the perilous journey of his family in Germany during World War II. This is the true story of a family whose lives were turned upside down with uncertainty as they struggled to survive each passing day during a dark, despairing time of utter chaos. It is the heroic account of hope and a father’s determination to find his way back home from a treacherous abyss. The Spirit of Hope is a tribute to God’s amazing grace.
“You’d think that someone would be totally opposed to upping sticks and starting a new life in a country where they were held as a Prisoner of War, but the truth is that my father experienced nothing but respect and dignity from the American guards, a testament to this great nation.”
Continuing, “He was always a bold advocate for change and, when the War ended and society in Germany was somewhat stagnant, he decided we should build our lives from the ground up in a place where freedom and opportunity had a real definition. Almost seventy years later, look how far we have come. We literally wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my father’s tenacity and the grace of God.”
‘The Spirit of Hope: Published by Xulon Press, available on: by: Charles Herchert,  – by Charles Herchert

Feature Script: Perfect Species, by Konstantin Selivan

Title – Perfect Species

Written by Konstantin Selivan

Logline – An internship opportunity of a lifetime turns into a nightmare as the participating students have to run for their lives from a rogue scientist and the creatures he has created.

Genre – Thriller

Feature Screenplay – 126 pages long

Short Script: MATEO, by Lionel. J. Scott

Title: MATEO

Written by: Lionel. J. Scott

Logline: A bereaved father and hitman descends into delirium when he begins murdering a group of anonymous teenage boys for the Mexican cartel, unaware the last target is his long thought dead son.

Genre: Crime, Drama

Type: Short Screenplay


Title: Supreme Leader

Written by; W.L. Wright

Logline: It’s the year 2030 and Teller Lowder is working at becoming Supreme Leader with the help of his good friends and the absurd seems to be working beautifully.

Genre; Comedy

Type: TV 1/2 hour pilot plus 2 episodes

Registration #: Guard Dog on Duty

TV SERIES: The Remnant: This is Not Flesh & Blood, by T. Johnson and S. Taylor

Title: The Remnant: This is Not Flesh & Blood

Written by: T. Johnson and S. Taylor

Logline: A depressed teen struggles to find purpose in the world until a near death experience reveals she is a wielder for the Commandment of ONE, a numinous power from the spiritual realm.

Animation, Action, Adventure, Supernatural

Anime Series


Title: The Diary of a Wrinkle

Written by: Ilana K Levinsky

Logline: Isla’s had it! She lives on the periphery of the writing world, and now that she discovers her first wrinkle she’s thrown into a whirlwind of self-pity and bitterness which take her on an introspective journey across three different worlds.

Type: Novel (but also a feature screenplay titled Dear Stanley).

NOVEL: GRAND LAKE, by John-Arthur Ingram

TITLE: Grand Lake

WRITTEN BY: John-Arthur Ingram

LOGLINE: An adopted girl meets her biological brother for the first time in their adult life after learning of their father’s mysterious death in the Philippines. As the siblings travel to other side of the world to finally piece together their father’s past; they become bound to a future they never expected.

GENRE: Romance drama

TYPE: Novel