Feature Script: STARK, by Andres Benatar

Title of Story: STARK

Written by: Andres Benatar

Logline: A broken man loses himself to the maddening belief that his ex-wife and best friend were behind the attempt on his life to the point where his obsession drives him to a mind-shattering insanity that threatens to either kill or help him better know himself.
Genre: Mystery/Horror/Thriller.

Type: Feature Screenplay

TV Series: THAROS, by Joshua Okoromodeke



LOG LINE: Tharos is a cosmic and ancient African deity, a gate keeper between the celestial realm and earth, given the responsibility to keep the Orishas “Dark evil demigods” from entering the earth so as to prevent them from causing chaos and enslaving the entire human race to their evil will. But every 100 years, the cosmic powers preventing these dark forces from entering the earth grows weak as Tharos requires a human host to be personified so as to carry out this sacred mission from earth. Each 100 years, a rift is torn in the cosmic barrier and most Orishas penetrates the earth while a new host is been chosen by an oracle of the gods and the gods choose Josh, an African Nigerian from Delta State from a humble background. Apart from the hash day to day life of coping with school issues due to the poor economic state of his environment and trying to survive each day, There are other dark forces who want the power of Tharos for their selfish means but were not happy with the decision made by the gods to choose Josh because it was discovered that Josh’s parents were of mixed races and so throughout the story, young Josh had to find a way to drive back the Orishas that have penetrated the earth while fending off other dark forces at war with him because of the power of Tharos, and at the same time trying to balance his life and protecting the lives of those close to him.



TV SHOW: SPLIT SECOND, by Bill Stephens

Title of Story: Split Second

Written by: Bill Stephens

Logline: Benjamin Chance born with ETC, Extra Telepathic Control ability. Too him, it’s a curse. To others a gift. To the government, he’s a weapon and they want to control him.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Drama

Type: TV Pilot

WGA Registration Number: 2003655

Novel: N.R.I., by- Ragini Kapoor

by- Ragini Kapoor

Rohan father of Sophia & Sylvia
Twins Sophia & Sylvia
Sherlyn wife of Rohan

Rohan was at Walt Disney World Orlando Florida along with Sophia & Sylvia. The five year old identical twins with high cheekbones large blue eyes like autumn sky and hair shining in the sun, loved to be at the park with their dad, they shared sweet bonds and more time with Rohan than there Service oriented and energetic mother. Dad was quite careful about sophia and sylvia, The magic kingdom,Triceratop Spin ,Big Thunder Mountain Railroad,Toy Story Land, Hollywood Studios,Epcot, Pirates of the Caribbean all made Sophia and Sylvia gleeful with sparkling eyes.

“ Storm with pea sized hail,high winds and lots of heavy rain causes “power glitch” resulting to multiple ride closures at Magic Kingdom,” Disney says “ Park officials are working to get the ride back up and running.”
Sherlyn was upset when she saw this on her tab, she was panic-stricken as Rohan’s mobile, kept in one of the lockers at Walt Disney had been continuously signaling a switch off.

Sophia and Sylvia loved the fantasy land. The rides stopped working, the children were just picked up from seats of the dumbo ride with the help of the attendants present there and of course, Dad Rohan. Dad took the startled kids to proceed out of the park. Rohan immediately rang up as soon he saw 13 missed calls from sherlyn. She said she was just about to reach the main gate to pick up the children. Asustado Sherlyn hugged and kissed both children and made them sit in her car. They were back home.

The next day sherlyn with the five year olds left for their summer camp. Kids were back in the evening along with their mother.
Sherlyn had been working in the core marketing team with ABC fine wine & spirits Orlando. She realised her inclination more into managing events than making people buy the wine of their tastes from the store., managing the inventory was also a part of her job.

Rohan busy with the annual reports and taxations, since a couple of days went late from his office. They both shared the same room but Sherlyn did not speak a word and was least bothered about how solo Rohan felt though he lived in a family of his own.Rohan could not understand why was Sherlyn overreacting. The kids loved their dad but there waking up, eating, sleeping and summer camp schedules hardly had time for solitario Rohan. He wanted sherlyn to take out some time for discussion, to share his views but sherlyn as a hardened rock was not ready to.

Sherlyn hated his controlling and overpowering attitude. She was an outwardly person and loved to meet lots of people whereas Rohan felt himself to be a simple homely guy. Life after six years of togetherness had taken a curve where they felt themselves to be as parallel lines.Sherlyn felt more convenient to be with her colleagues than to be with a stranger in the form of Rohan, who had been torn apart between his present and the set standards of ethical and behavioural traits of the society he belonged to.

It was a difficult situation for both of them.
‘Se habían amado demasiado’, with two beautiful daughters spreading love around them how could disagreement crop in their relationship. Sherlyn overflowing with self-confidence and conceit could hardly understand Rohan’s possessiveness for her. She had been brought up in a society with a flexible structure full of freedom and belief while Rohan being a hidebound. Things started going from bad to worse. The existential angst between the two made sherlyn hook up for a decision to take a transfer in her company from Orlando to Miami where her parents lived. The daughters had to go with the mother. Disheartened Rohan entreated her not to take the transfer but sherlyn made herself clear ‘se acabo’ . It’s all over.

Rohan & Sheryln had met each other seven years ago, at Panama City beach wine tasting he loved the wine tour, Sherlyn was a bartender and helped people to taste the latest wine of her company.Rohan’s eyes were glued to the versatile,independent, innovative and extroverted behaviour sherlyn. They were soon fond off and cherished hanging around each other. Rohan admired sherlyn and accepted her to be his first love. He also knew that marrying sherlyn would automatically by virtue make him a citizen of the USA. Rohan’s parents were annoyed by his decisions and were not ready to visit their marriage party but.Rohan had taken a decision and was present in it mentally, physically and emotionally.

Time on the wings of the pigeon of peace had flown along with the winds. Rohan feared to go home for even once as he was aware of his father’s level of anger. They had beautiful twins, sherlyn’s parents residents of Miami, were there and Rohan could easily count on them. Everything was picture perfect with the beautiful daughters. Though Sheryln had to do a lot of touring in her job to attain promotions, while Rohan apart from the office had time for the children, his job was in a way stable enough.The twins grew up with great love and care.

It was his mother’s call from India when he was in the office, eagerly he talked & talked. Seeing his craving to talk his mother could easily judge his anxiety and depression. She wanted to know more about him but couldn’t ask him. She only wished him and kids good luck and expressed her desire to see them all. Rohan was back home from the office but his heart went to his homeland.

. Rohan with an ace in economics, had always dreamt of living in the USA,though his parents were always against his wish to leave his country as he was their only son. Rohan’s mother had even settled his marriage with a beautiful girl named Simran. Simran and Rohan had started their schooling together. As they grew in classes and age, Simran always found Rohan different from the other boys. She never came to know when Rohan stole her heart while Rohan had been indifferent towards her as he was desperate and firm in his mind, he did not want to have any fetters between him and his settling abroad.

After post graduation Rohan had applied for his PHD in macroeconomics at Minnesota State University USA. He wanted to become an economist. Being a good estudiante he got good positioning in the banking sector. He had everything as and how he wanted, by the time he discovered he had certain deep rooted traditional instincts which he could not part away with. Future plannings had been so mesmerising that he had never ever fished in his head, what his heart and mind desired.

Rohan tried to contact and reach out sherlyn now placed at Miami with her parents, he really wanted to see his twin daughters. Sherlyn had a mulish expression and appeared to be like a cross-grained individual. He had butterflies of nervousness as he felt he had scribbled his past for his present landing into a marshy place without any present and future.

He had made up his mind and booked an urgent ticket for India. He would go and ask apologies from his father he thought, as he was a child again missing his parents. He had returned as an N.R.I. with the desire to become an Indian again.


Novel: The Awakening of La Muse, by S.R. Strickland

Title of Story:

The Awakening of La Muse

Written by:

S.R. Strickland


A sixteen-year-old American slave accompanies her owners to Paris in 1855. Aware that France has outlawed slavery, she runs. A modest existence as a seamstress is forged, but soon she learns an illegal French bounty hunter is in hot pursuit. She vows to defend her freedom by any means necessary or die trying.


Historical Fiction; Drama


Novel (Published)

Feature Script: Butcher’s Daughter, by Gabil Sultanov

Title: Butcher’s Daughter

Written by: Gabil Sultanov

After being sexually assaulted the butcher’s daughter sets on a path of revenge against all the men that wronged her.

Genre: Horror/Sci-Fi

Type: Short/Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: LITTLE SISTER, by Javier Mera Sevilla

Title of the story: Little Sister

Written by: Javier Mera Sevilla


After 20 years spent in jail for the killing of his father a sociopath is released into society. Attempting to live a “normal life” gets surrounded by shallow emotions and past demons, luring a beautiful woman for a ride where his thoughts take control of everything.

Genre: thriller

Type: feature screenplay

Little Sister screenplay link


Feature Script: WHISPERS IN THE WIND, by Bille Harris

Billie Harris

Title of script: “Whispers in the Wind”

Genre: Mystery

99 Pages

WGA Registered

LOGLINE: A woman finds herself drawn into a supernatural mystery when the ghosts of murdered women she sees at a restaurant implore her to find their killer.

Short Story: The Boy They Call Wonderful Wellington, by Frank Ejere

STORY TITLE: The Boy They Call Wonderful Wellington

WRITER: Frank Ejere

LOGLINE: An overprotective
father forms different personalities and concocts unmistakable tactics
to ward off the intrusion of a weird boy next door into the lives of
his curious daughters who are taken with his extraordinary abilities.

GENRE: Family-friendly Film

TYPE: Short Story

Short Script: BANANA REPUBLIC, by Emmanuel Orleans-lindsay

Title of story – banana republic
Written by Emmanuel Orleans-lindsay

Logline :

Banana republic is a hilarious animation about how Zigi finds his best friend when he doesn’t even know what he looks like.

Genre : animation

Type : short screenplay