LA Festival Feature Script: What A Coincidence, by Taofeek Adekunle

After her bachelorette party, the ‘bride to be-Emily’ and her friends were so drunk, they didn’t enter their hotel room together. Tipsy Emily entered the opposite room (RM9) to hers (RM8).
Meanwhile, RM9 occupier just got in from London (Groom’s cousin-Kelvin) and coincidentally he expecting a prostitute. In the case of mistaken identity, they both slept together and also made a sex tape.
During the society wedding, the cousin cant recognize her again because of her heavy makeup and the bride can’t remember anything too.
One of the bride’s envious friend (Katy) ends up discovering the sex tape after causal sex with Kelvin. Soon after, Emily gave birth to un-identical twins. cony Katy secretly goes on to do an unorthodox paternity test on one of the twins and she finds out that Kelvin is the father,
She goes on to blackmail and skims millions of Emily by showing her the sex tape and the paternity test.
Shocked, confused and depressed Emily goes on to confront Kelvin thinking she was raped under alcohol influence. Kelvin & Emily clarified the issues of mistaken identity, Kelvin offers to help her get Katy off her back because he could lose his high paying managerial job in which the groom’s mother(his aunt) offered in her company, he needs the unfortunate secret to stay buried).
Kelvin and Emily orchestrated a 7-day daredevil orgasmic plan in which they bug and track Katy’s home and car. they go on to Murder her in her sleep, they destroy the sex tape in her apartment and the murder was made to look like a natural death.
Emily who is fragile broke down as she now knows she is a murderer, in the moment of weakness both of them sleep together, this caused excitement on Emily who sworn, this is first time experiencing organism. the sex continues for a couple of months as they fell in love while Emily became more un-attracted to her rich husband , then Kelvin who just been made redundant in his workplace convince his sex partner that they should kill her husband, in which both of them and the twins can live happily ever after of the husband’s will.

In an emotional scene, in which Kelvin strangled and killed his cousin, who got to know about the affair and secret too late. Emily just stands there crying as life leaves her husband. Their plan works as nobody suspect foul play as they enjoy the late husband’s fortune, However, their foolproof plan was flawed and cut short by sheer coincidence.

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