LA Festival Short Script: OCEAN’S EMPTINESS, by Michele Gentile

0e678f245a poster– inspired by true events –

Sora No Umi – The Ocean’s Emptiness tells the moving story of Mayumi’s childhood in 1931. A 10-year-old girl from the Japanese island of Okinawa, who later becomes one of the most committed anti-whaling activists.

Mayumi grows up as a modest fisherman’s daughter in a small village on the coast.

One day Mayumi has an unusual encounter.
One who will change her life forever…


Writer Biography – Michele Gentile

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Michele Gentile was born in 1987 in Tübingen. During high school, he began with small film projects. At age 18, he traveled to Australia for one and a half years, returning to Germany to undertake his military service. During his service, he shot his first documentary “On Mission in Kabul” about soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. The film is shown to this day as an educational film in the German military. Shortly thereafter, he volunteered for the peace project “Cinema Jenin” in Palestine. While there, he taught filmmaking and film editing at the University of Jenin. Michele also worked as a cameraman on the films “After the Silence” by Jule Ott and Stephanie Buerger and the film “Cinema Jenin” by Marcus Vetter.

Together with Palestinian students in 2010, he began filming the movie “The Projectionist”. The production stopped when the co-producer Juliano Mer Khamis was shot and killed in early 2011. Back in Germany, he worked on an open-air cinema tour for the film “After the Silence” and acted as Assistant Editor for the film “Cinema Jenin”. In summer 2011, he started working together with Marcus Vetter on the movie “The Court”. In addition, he worked as a cameraman on two documentaries, “The Forecaster” and “the Promise” (Now titled Killing for Love). “The Court” was released theatrically in 2013 and is Michele’s first feature-length documentary.

In the meantime, he made the films “The Projectionist – The story of a film” and “Good bye Syria” for EinsPlus – LEBEN, a German TV channel. Untill December 2014 he worked as Art Director and Assistant Editor for the film “The Forecaster” by Marcus Vetter.

In 2015 he established his own production company, “Little Big Talents” in Germany, and in 2016, together with the Dutch consulting company, Cat Kung Fu Consulting, founded the media company the House of Nuremberg.

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