LA Festival Feature Script: Blinded Justice, by Chakravarti DESIKAN

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Suave DC attorney, JACK SILKE, from a large law firm is on his way to becoming one of the youngest partners of the firm after he wraps up a prominent Senator’s drug racketeering case successfully. Jack believes in winning by any means.

Alcoholic reporter, JIM CAHN, is on the verge of losing his job and home due to his performance. When Jim stumbles upon a physical evidence that proves Jack used illegal means to win the famous senator’s case, Jim chooses to make quick money instead of publishing it to save his low paying job. Jim contacts Jack and asks for the first payment of $100K without any guarantee that the blackmail would end with the first payment.

Before making a big payment, Jack approaches the senator for help. Senator threatens Jack and makes it Jack’s problem. Jim continues to stalk Jack and visits Jack and mentions that he didn’t appreciate Jack’s meeting with the senator. Jim also threatens against going to police. Jack feels helpless and makes the first large payment after covering all the tracks.

Jack’s wife, LARA SILKE notices change in Jack and suggests a good vacation. While showing disinterest in immediate vacation, Jack receives another call from Jim for a smaller payment to be delivered to his home. Jack seeks a way to end this blackmail by any means.

PASTOR BRENT ARTHUR, a very prominent DC evangelist gets accused by Jim of sexual abuse in his church without proof. When Brent is not able to deal with the allegations and commits suicide, SARGENT CASEY WILLIAMS, a close friend of Jack, invites Jack to go with him to the crime scene. Jack takes the opportunity to frame Jim.

When Jack visits Jim to make the second payment, Jack plants the evidence from the crime scene at Jim’s home. Though Casey considers Pastor committed suicide, interrogations of Church employees and other parishioners indicate a possibility of foul play. When the autopsy report comes out inclusive, Casey decides to interrogate Jim. When the search at Jim’s house connects Jim to the crime scene, Jim is arrested.

After much thought, Jim approaches Jack to defend him in the case in return for end to blackmail and ransom payments. Jack agrees to represent Jim for minimum costs. Jim asks his wife JILL CAHN to give Jack the incriminating evidence and payment after selling their home.

Once Jack confirms that he has eliminated the blackmail threat and got his money back, he represents Jim in the court. To minimize risk of lengthy trial and long jail term, Jack convinces Jim to take the plea bargain on reduced charge from second degree murder to involuntary manslaughter. Though Jim initially hesitates to be punished for a crime he didn’t commit he agrees after his wife also convinces him. Jim gets a 3year jail term.

Jack vacations with his family feeling he has recovered his money and has used the legal system to punish Jim for the right jail term for the blackmailing crime.

“Behind every fortune, there is a crime”

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