Feature Script: RAINBOW, by Jason W. Johnson

Title of Story: Rainbow

Written by: Jason W. Johnson

Logline: A down and out, small town reporter named Paul, must find the next big story in order to keep his job. With the help from his new gay rights activist friend, Frank, he decides to go undercover in the gay community, of New York City, to see with his own eyes, what it’s really like to be gay in the 60’s.

Without having his cover blown, Paul, must somehow juggle his wife and kids, his Christian faith, his new boyfriend, Robert, the drama of the 60’s, and deal with the tragic death of his friend, Frank.

In the end, Paul, writes a beautiful, true and inspiring book, titled Rainbow, that open the eyes of most, and becomes an advocate for the gay community.

Genre: Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay

Author: pitchstory

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