Female Festival Feature Script: Walk of Shame, by Anna Bielkheden

8a01b54022 posterWalk of Shame is a raw drama series about three female roommates in LA struggling to navigate the road to success and personal identity, smack in the middle of a booming social media era and a pending quarter life crisis. Over the course of ten episodes, we follow the complicated lives and relationships of a 26-year old personal trainer from Oklahoma with a raging Tomboy vs. Barbie complex (ASH), a 29-year old second generation immigrant MUA from Sherman Oaks with the goal of becoming a star beauty influencer (SKY), and a 25-year old aspiring actress from Denmark with an expiring student visa, desperate to make it at any cost (CLARA).


Writer Biography

Bafa941ce2 headshot

Even as a toddler, Anna was incessantly fascinated with the power of words. Inspired by the movie and television era of the 80’s and 90’s, she began crafting dramatic stories as soon as she knew how to write. Armed with nothing but a productive, albeit naive creativity, she wrote her first feature length screenplay at the tender age of sixteen–a dark and bold teenage drama called “Life’s A Bitch”, which surprisingly got as far as a teaser promo trailer filmed by then student-director Josef Fares, whom a year later launched the career of now acclaimed Hollywood actor Fares Fares.

Like many creative individuals in dire need to pay the bills, Anna has worn many hats over the years. With the ultimate goal of eventually working on the creative end of show business, she has spent the last two decades immersed in a variety of professions; as a TV and photography makeup artist, a fitness trainer and backend content creator, and a five time business owner entrepreneur.

Although her true passion has always been telling stories that convey and evoke raw human emotion, Anna’s multi-faceted background has given her a wide range of unique and direct experiences that make her storytelling more authentic and genuinely inspired.

Originally trained in classical performing arts and literary English, Anna started off her professional writing career in late 2012 as a health and beauty columnist for Millennium Magazine. After a few years with the New York based lifestyle publication, she moved on to accept a full-time copywriting position at a prestigious PR and advertising firm in Los Angeles. The ability to handle large volumes of writing assignments with meticulous skill made her a high demand asset, and she was soon trusted with large-scale clients such as Biscoff Cookies and Antolini Italy.

Anna’s passion for the written word eventually led her to the full service marketing agency NMI Interactive, where she currently works full-time as a senior copywriter and ghostwriter for some of the biggest names in the fitness industry; producing bestselling books, marketing campaigns, optimized web content and high converting sales material.

A professional ghostwriter by day and aspiring screenwriter by night; Anna has found that learning to capture the essence of her clients’ voice in a way that generates and resonates with a certain audience is an unconventional, but invaluable school in the art of storytelling.


Writer Statement

“A word
after a word
after a word
is power.”

-Margaret Atwood

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