COMEDY Festival Short Script: Love You More, by Jenna McCarthy

LOGLINE: A rising filmmaker’s ideas about lasting love are tested when she hits the road with her nemesis to make a movie about marriage.

SYNOPSIS: Aspiring film director Abby Spencer knows exactly what she wants in a man and a movie: a happy ending. But when sexy Blake Stuart shows up at work and rocks her world in every possible way, Abby is forced to take a good, hard look at her eight-and-a-half year relationship. Meanwhile Blake—still licking his wounds from a heartbreak of his own—manages to get his film idea picked for production, and chooses Abby to be his co-director. Soon Abby and Blake are traveling the world together, a trip marked by flaring tempers, secret truths, and heartbreaking tragedy. In the end, Abby realizes it’s up to her to decide if her life is going to turn out to be a tearjerker or a love story.


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Writer Biography – Jenna McCarthy

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Jenna McCarthy is an internationally published writer, corporate speaker, screenwriter, former radio personality and the author of more than a dozen books including Everything’s Relative and If It Was Easy They’d Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon, for which she sold the film/TV rights to ABC Studios. (Note: Jenna wrote and starred in the book trailer for Honeymoon, which you should watch immediately because it’s probably not often you get to see strangers in the bath tub.) Jenna’s writing has appeared in more than sixty magazines, on dozens of web sites and in several anthologies including the popular Chicken Soup series. She doesn’t like to brag, but her TED talk on marriage currently has more than five million views. When she’s not writing, she spends her time traveling the country doling out hilarious yet hard-hitting life advice. Bestselling author and screenwriter W. Bruce Cameron says this: “Jenna McCarthy isn’t just funny, she’s an amazingly gifted chronicler of modern life.” Anna Goldfarb describes Jenna as “Lena Dunham if she had kids and shopped at Costco, or Howard Stern if he had prettier hair and a thing for happy hour.” (Jenna is pretty sure this was meant as a compliment.) Author Celia Rivenbark quips, “If Chelsea Handler and Dr. Phil had a love child, it would be Jenna McCarthy.” Jenna’s quick wit, unique voice and outspoken nature make her equally engaging on page and on camera. Please visit her online at


Writer Statement

I write things. People tell me I’m funny.

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