TV Festival Logline: GANGSTERS, by Vittorio Adinolfi

Two gangster families compete for the city’s criminal affairs. One headed by Alfio “Bullo” Spalletti, the other, by Alfio’s wife, Vanessa, who abandoned her husband because he was considered “bad”. The two crime bosses have two sons: Manlio, nerd, comic book lover and videogames, who lives with his mother, and Gloria, bad, foul-mouthed, sexy dress, who lives with his father, because, with his mother he does not go agreement. The war between the two “families” to contend with the business is ruthless and without exclusions of shots, so that the mayor, actually in league with both the contenders, is forced to form a special police team, “The Defenders”, for put an end to rampant crime: but this team is made up of inept cops, personally chosen by the mayor.


Writer Biography – Vittorio Adinolfi

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Born in Naples on 16 October 1970. Writer and director of theater since 1991. In 1993 he won the Tondelli’s prize for drama. He has written over 20 plays, almost all represented. Working with some theater directors, representatives of the Neapolitan avant-garde theater, like Vittorio Lucariello and Mario Santella. In 1996 he makes his first short movies: “L’agonia del giorno” and “Le cose da fare”. In 2001, he and his colleagues, brings the company Dissolvenze Incrociate, which produces theatrical and video. Since 2007 makes webseries: His first webseries is “Nea Polis 001: The Rise,” which debuted on the website created by the same Adinolfi,, and produced by Dissolvenze Incrociate. Other webseries will follow: always in 2007, “Nea Polis 002: Resurrection” and “Black Agent”; in 2008, “Nea Polis 003: The Darkness”; in 2009, “Wizard! – Book 1: The Secret War “; in 2010,” Jerusalem “, and ” Rosabruna”. In April 2010 creates the TV programs “Informal” and “Vittorio e i fumetti”, broadcast on TV Blue Area. Also in 2010, he runs two short films, “… in the heart” and “Love in 8 minutes”, selected in various festivals and broadcast on some national networks, like Coming Soon and La3. In 2011, the webseries “Nea Polis 001: The Rise”, is selected among the best in the world at the Los Angeles webseries Web Fest 2011. In 2011, he directed the TV series in 4 episodes, broadcast on Napolitivù, “A. A. Detectives & Mysteries “(which is also one of the authors). In the same year, he wrote and directed the webseries: “The daily life of immortal entities”. In January 2012, on the Fourth Flegreo Channel, airs the sitcom in 5 episodes, “Cheaters!”, Conceived, written and directed by Adinolfi. In 2012 he wrote and directed the webseries “She – All about of you”. In the same year with the webseries “Wizard!” wins as best drama series at the LA Web Fest. In 2013, the Los Angeles Web fest the protagonist of his webseries “She – All about of you”, won as best actress. In 2014, the webseries “Melodrama”, the Los Angeles web fest Wins Award Best Cinematography, and the Rome Web Awards, the Best Theater Art Prize. In 2014 shoot the feature film “Memories & Guns” and creates two webseries “You are the passion” and “The Special”, selected in Lawebfest and at Rome Web Awards 2015 wins 6 awards with this webseries. In 2015 creates the webseries “Ergo Sum” (Best Sci-fi at Web World Awards 2016 and wins 2 awards at Rome Web Awards 2016). In 2016 shoot the webseries “The Line”.

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