TV Festival Logline: Mighty Booty, by Jami Rhodes

Two sassy best friends fight an up and coming drug lord and his minions using their super strong assets.

Writer Biography – Jami Rhodes

C2720dfc2f headshot

My name is Jami Rhodes and I’m a 38 years young black woman thriving everyday. I’m originally from Norristown PA, a small suburb right outside of Philadelphia. I’ve lived in LA from 2012 -2018. I came to not only fulfill a lifelong dream but to receive my MFA in Screenwriting from the New York Film Academy. It was a journey of self exploration and self discovery.

Writer Statement

I’ve always had a great appreciation television and film, growing up watching amazing movies like The Godfather, Amadeus, and Toostie and watching television shows like The Twilight Zone, I love Lucy, and The Jeffersons timeless classics. I’ve been telling stories in one way or another for as long as I can remember. My journey in Los Angeles wasn’t the fairy tale I would have written for myself, but it was a journey I needed to go on to become a stronger person and more authentic writer. My journey has made me dig deep into myself to really discover the type of person and writer I want to be. I want to tell compelling relatable stories that make you want to laugh and cry because sometimes you have to laugh so you don’t cry and sometimes you have to cry to laugh again! If my stories and experiences help, or inspire, or enlighten just one person whiling being entertaining my job as a Screenwriter is done. I want to change the world one word, one page, one moving picture at a time. That’s my true purpose in life.

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