BEST Scene Reading: A Perfect Life, by Ganea Tiberiu

A vulgar and mean man hates his life;his job,being single,being his mother servant.

He wants a better life,living like a Hollywood star.He got it. But he finds out that it’s not the life he dreamed about; many things turned bad.
Luckily for him, this was only a bad dream. When he wakes up the man become a better person. He understood the meaning of life:”take life as it is, and enjoy it; make it your perfect life, even if sometimes it’s harder.”


Narrator: Katelyn Varadi

Glory: Delphine Roussel
Gale: Logan Forsyth Freeman

Producer/Director: Matthew Toffolo

Festival Moderators: Matthew Toffolo, Rachel Elder

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editors: Kimberly Villarruel, Ryan Haines, John Johnson

Festival Directors: Rachel Elder, Natasha Levy

Camera Operators: Ryan Haines, Temitope Akinterinwa, Efren Zapata, Zack Arch

By pitchstory

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