Feature Script: How To Be Dysfunctional After Divorce, by Erin Keefer Reich

Title: How To Be Dysfunctional After Divorce

Writer: Erin Keefer Reich

Genre: Comedy

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registered 2019

After a divorce, a single mother with writer’s block is forced to work at her ex-husband’s diner and come up with some creative and possibly risque ideas to keep her house, all while navigating dating, her manic parents, and lesbian best friends.

Feature Script: THE POWER TO CHOOSE, by Toyosha Upshaw

Title: The Power to Choose

Written by: Toyosha Upshaw

Three friends awaken with good energy, positive vibes and powerful declarations of a promising day. Simultaneously before the lunch hour life becomes topsy-turvy for each and forces them into complex situations and with help from their internal influencers choose whether to give up on life, take vengeance or forgive and forget.

Genre: Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: Untitled Drag Racing Feature, by Jerry Kokich

Title: Untitled Drag Racing Feature

Written by: Jerry Kokich

Longline: An unstable track surface turns the NHRA Top Fuel Finals into the slowest championship in history.

Genre: Auto racing, sports

Type: Screenplay

TV Show: Hidden Fears of Supremacy, by Jason D. Holland

Title: Hidden Fears of Supremacy (BW2)

Written by: Jason D. Holland

Genre: Drama

Type: TV pilot, Mini-Series Script


A man builds his own country within a country filled with better technology, medicines, and businesses, causing a race war. A wall surrounding the new country called BW2 is the only separation. This reverses todays society and shakes up minds, causing controversy as we look into the future of diversity. This gives an inside view from a minority perspective. This script is written and presented as the movie that will be the most talked about, while breaking barriers.