TV PILOT: Khronic Ass-Khickers, by Devyenne Eldridge, Haley Snowden, Cat Towell

Title of Story: Khronic Ass-Khickers (2019)

Written by: Devyenne Eldridge, Haley Snowden, Cat Towell

Logline: When a horde of malignant outlaws wreak havoc and
destruction, destiny chooses three hesitant stoners to adopt the
primitive, mysterious powers of a magical stone, giving them
unique abilities in order to save the universe.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi

Type: TV pilot

WGA Registration Number: 1989430

Screenplay Logline: My Pimped Out Marraige! Broken Promisez, by Felicia C. Nelson-Davis

Title : ” My Pimped Out Marraige! Broken Promisez ” !

Written by : Mrs. Felicia C. Nelson-Davis

Logline :

” This story starts off sweet , and ends up grimey , and the message is all too real for a lot of couples , young or old! They graduate college, together, they get married, the Cashe’s, and then money and greed starts to take over the relationship! The husband wants to pimp out his wife to his boss in order to make partner, not knowing the frame of mind his boss is in , he plays for keeps ! Will the wife survive all of this ?? Get into his head , find out ! ”

Genre : / Deciept / Drama / Crime / Love Story /Fantasy

Type : Television pilot / Movie Script / Stage / Short Screenplay / Mini- Series

Short Script: Illation, by Ryan M. Reece

Title: Illation

Written By: Ryan M. Reece

Logline: After praying with a female student, a college professor finds himself falsely accused of inappropriate conduct with her, leading to his dismissal but her spiritual liberation.

Genre: Drama

Type: Short Screenplay

Feature Script: Moustache, A Dog In Napoleon’s Army, by Andrew R. Garrett

Title of Story: Moustache, A Dog In Napoleon’s Army

Written by: Andrew R. Garrett

Logline: When Napoleon’s Grande Armée marches through his small-town life, poodle Moustache joins up– finding new friends, love, and all the danger he can wag a tail at.

Genre: Adventure, Animation, Biography, History, War

Type: Feature Screenplay

Top FEMALE FESTIVAL Screenplay Loglines for September 2019

Female Festival Short Script: Loon Lodge by Cindy Eastman

Female Festival Short Script: All on the Family by Brie Wilson

Female Festival Feature Script: Wheat Dandy, by Anna Patterson

Female Festival Feature Script: Walk of Shame, by Anna Bielkheden

Female Festival Feature Script: Washed Out, by Sonia Ait & Fourate Chahal

Top FEATURE SCREENPLAY Loglines for September 2019

Feature Script: Untitled Drag Racing Feature, by Jerry Kokich

Feature Script: MUTANT SPECIMEN L, by David Orange

Feature Script: How To Be Dysfunctional After Divorce, by Erin Keefer Reich

Feature Script: THE POWER TO CHOOSE, by Toyosha Upshaw

Feature Script: HEARTLESS, by Roy Phillips

Feature Script: THE MUSTACHE, by Gisela Savdie

Feature Script: UNDER THE ROSE, by Jude Quintiere

LA Festival Feature Script: LUNA, by BAENI Fortuné

LA Festival Feature Script: HALFWAY HOME, by David J Schroeder

LA Festival Feature Script: SPECULATION, by Kristen Butler, Jacob Johnston

LA Festival Feature Script: Paths of Promise, by Donna Grisanti

LA Festival Feature Script: What A Coincidence, by Taofeek Adekunle

LA Festival Feature Script: SHAGGY, by Ella Dawoud

LA Festival Feature Script: The Legend Of Chang Woo, by A.Elaine Carlisle

1st Scene Festival Feature Script: ABANDONWITCH, by Sarah K Watson

Feature Script: THE RUMSPRINGA INCIDENT, by David Orange

Feature Script: CHARLIE’S JOURNEYS, by P.A. Brown

Feature Script: RAINBOW, by Jason W. Johnson

Feature Script: UNKNOWN WOMAN, by Yura Shevchuk

LA Festival Feature Script: Nirvana Road, by Michael Hilow

LA Festival Feature Script: This American and Israel’s Nuclear Whistleblower VANUNU Mordechai, by Eileen Fleming

LA Festival Feature Script: Blinded Justice, by Chakravarti DESIKAN

LA Festival Feature Script: Beauty’s Daughter, by Philile Dlamini

LA Festival Feature Script: Rush Week, by Michael Bretten

LA Festival Feature Script: RISES TO THRONE, by Jonah Ocuto

Top SHORT SCREENPLAY Loglines for September 2019

1st Scene Festival Short Script: Tolerance, by David Espina

LGBT Short Script: The Little Death, by Daniel Appleby

LA Festival Short Script: INTEGRATION, by Chris Fischer

LA Festival Short Script: Judge Me, by Esmeralda James

LA Festival Short Script: THE KING’S PAINTING, by Manolis Damianakis

LA Festival Short Script: SOUND CHECK, by Joshua Bohnsack

LA Festival Short Script: Water footsteps, by Gholsm hoseyn jalali

LA Festival Short Script: CATATONIA, by Mike Greene

LA Festival Short Script: STREETLIGHT, by Banjo Carmichael

LA Festival Short Script: RUIN AGENCY, by Tyeisha Downer

LA Festival Short Script: OCEAN’S EMPTINESS, by Michele Gentile

LA Festival Short Script: MEET CHLOE, by Firat Ersen

LA Festival Short Script: Eternal Freedom, by Mazin Sherabayani

Top ANIMATION Screenplay Loglines for September 2019

ANIMATION Festival Short Script: The Underwater Story. Leda and Metida, by Alexander Chernega

ANIMATION Festival Short Script: Why Must Man’s Best Friend Be a Dog?, by Anna Patterson

ANIMATION Festival Short Script: LAS NOGAS, by Catya Plate

Top TV FESTIVAL Loglines for September 2019

TV Festival Logline: Sinnerman, by Benjamin Field

TV Festival Logline: KING ELIZABETH, by Henry Cline

TV Festival Logline: Mighty Booty, by Jami Rhodes

TV Festival Logline: Hardball, by Charity Dorrance

TV Festival Logline: The Chosen, by Ellie Fiander

TV Festival Logline: NO ORDINARY GIRL, by Cheryl Elaine & Nick Zabierek

TV Festival Logline: GANGSTERS, by Vittorio Adinolfi

TV Script: PRINCESS. IN REVERSE, by David Chester

TV Script: PEACH, by Jack Watkins

TV PILOT: Mrs. mD, by Mary Kate Allen

TV Show: Hidden Fears of Supremacy, by Jason D. Holland

Top COMEDY Screenplay Loglines for September 2019

COMEDY Festival Short Script: Love You More, by Jenna McCarthy

COMEDY Festival Short Script: Can’t Drive a Stick, by CHRISTAN VAN SLYKE

COMEDY Festival Feature Script: For Better or For Worse, by Clara Bijl

COMEDY Festival Short Script: The Real Family, by Damian Leibovich