LA Festival Feature Script: NATCHEZ, by Rick Fisher

IN 1968 NASHVILLE, TENN.The students of NATCHEZ HIGH SCHOOL, An all African American school, Protest and Utilize the historic STUDENT SIT-IN”S to knock down the Segregated doors of the Nashville Movie Complex. Led by ALL-STAR athlete Butch Sanford and his brother Maze and sister Alantis, they fight against Councilman Dawson who is determind to keep them out and keep the Old Jim Crow way of life.But the students have momentum, with Dr.Martin Luther King scheduled to stop at Natchez on his way back from Memphis, they still enjoy their school life and all the great moments High school has to offer, including a Beautiful night at Cove Lake. With the help of Rev. Gentry and Police Capt.Ron Boyd, the students win the battle,and overcome the tragedy that took place in Memphis.

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