Feature Script: SNOWY STRANGEWAYS, by Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel

Title of Story: Snowy Strangeways

Written by: Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel

Logline: Snowy Strangeways is a mystery in which a young New York City designer returns to her hometown to find her mom’s death is linked to a secret, ancient order of women.

Genre: Mystery & Fantasy

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 1320245

Feature Script: THE GUARDIAN, by Murat Güzel

Title of Story: Peter, The Guardian

Written by: Murat Güzel


Religious, strong-builded,young electrical engineer Peter, who could not find his true love all his life, finds a way to escape to another planet near star Sirius to get rid of his unbearable pain by building a machine using the information about angels and their duties described in Etopian Bible. When he arrives the planet, he finds a man sleeping there. He wakes him up and learns that he is Prophet Jesus : the Messiah and has been sent there by a machine of angels samely described in Etopian Bible. Messiah thinks he has slept for only one day. He suprises he slept 2020 years.They speak a lot and became very close friends and decide to come back to earth. Now Peter is the new guardian of the Messiah. Together with Messiah, they work to change the world into a better place.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, History, Sci-Fi,

Type: Feature Screenplay

TV Show: AFTER SCHOOL, by Carlos Rios



LOGLINE: “After School” focuses on a group of high school gang who are always getting into all sorts of bad and good situations after school.


The first day of school at Ramapo High School,(FICTIONAL). The front entrance hall at R.H.S.is packed with students searching for their names on the homeroom registration list. Things changed over the summer for Brian Sherman, the 4 eyes glasses nerd wannabe vigorous guy. His girlfriend Tina Ross, the foxy devious double dealing moved 4 towns further away, only two buses away during the summer break. Brian was willing to take two buses just to save his relationship and spend time with Tina but couple of days later Brian catches Tina on the laps of another guy a senior, Dennis Mays the lustful girl stealer. Pamela Evers walk the halls of Ramapo High. The sassy fashion mouthy girl is having a difficult time trying to attract boys with her sassy fashion. So she subscribes to a phone website http://www.callmyboyfriend.com (FICTIONAL) with her intention of making the guys at Ramapo High jealous by making them think she’s talking to her boyfriend but all that fails. Everyone at Ramapo High thinks Pamela is a dizzy case anyway. Max Garnett the surfer wild party animal organizes an illegal wild party at his age in his parent’s beach house. His parents are out on vacation 40 miles away and don’t know nothing about the wild party until the police raided the wild party. So Max and his friends wind up in jail. And so the Ramapo High drama continues on and off R.H.S.

GENRE: Comedy

TYPE: Half Hour Pilot sitcom