Female Festival Short Script: 8 hours, by Chibueze Okeke

983a466c56 posterThe story involves origin of first gambler/game/betting started in remote community, every family problems, animals fighting, youth fighting, village wrestling were turned into a gamble by few elders. Extend they have to gamble with their families happiness, one of the gamblers bet game that cost mostly his son’s life and family happiness, doing what ever it will take to win, he rejected his son’s marriage with a lady he pregnanted so to win the bet, he sent his son out of the country, after trials and problems from opposition, he won the bet and after many years, the son becomes a man with two daughters and has lost his wife, now to reconcerned with the first woman and her male child he pregnanted during their youthful age and the same lady whom his father refused their marriage to enable him to win the bet……. Another game, or gamble has to be introduced to win the woman heart and son back to his family…… It is very interesting story and still there are alot of interesting parts of the story that I didn’t touch light, and I still have Alot in my brain to compose.


Writer Biography – Chibueze Okeke

A145dc584b headshot

I, Okeke Chibueze born in 1985, from Umuriam Nawfia Anambra state Njikoka Local Government Area Nigeria. I studied mechanical engineering and graduated in 2013, I have participated in few movies in Nigeria Which one of them is Okara OKu, though my goal has always being writing scripts, I started writing during my years in college, it all started like a play, when few of my friends then were into music writing and singing and one day I walked to one of them, he covered his write up and I was surprised what he was covering and later I found out by someone he is composing a sort of story so I started my own writing, though Alot of mistakes were there and I am still perfecting myself to be the best, that is my goal, to be the best


Writer Statement


With God’s creative and idea in me, I am the best of bests

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