Female Festival TV Script: CHASING CHAOS, by Mary Anthony

F850ad05af posterPenny and Damien seem to be the odd couple for the world, but both are successful in their respective fields. Penny has a child-like attitude and Damien is known to pull off interesting pranks on her from time to time. She never gets annoyed with his enthusiasm, but Damien, sometimes loses his cool over her childish behaviour. They both set out on their annual vacation to their cabin in the Seven Hills. A picturesque place nestled away from the bustling city, tragedy strikes while they are on the way. Damien goes missing; Penny feels it’s one of his sick pranks he had pulled off before Christmas. Penny winds up at their cabin alone hoping to see Damien in the morning.
A series of strange events unfold before her as she starts to feel that Damien is indeed missing. She comes across a cult which practice forms of hypnosis, divinations and morbid rituals in the woods. While they seem to be friendly and aid her in finding her husband she keeps losing track of time due to amnesia like condition. There is also a constant voice in her head that commands her to do things and appears to be her spiritual guide. While she tries to figure out her conscious and subconscious mind the cult grows increasingly mysterious.

Writer Biography – Mary Anthony

06a8e3d52b headshot

Mary Anthony has graduated in Economics and Master in Business (HR) from Pune University. She has also acquired Freelance Journalist degree from All India Freelance Journalist Association.

She has worked as Content creator in various corporate organisations, at present she is a Freelance Journalist with Dhruva News and Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger with her own fashion blog RazziStyl. She also writes for various brands and media houses. Her recent being contributions to the Saregama Pvt. Ltd Youtube Channel for their section Storiyaan.

She has also forayed into script writing and directing, her debut short film Makeup has been released on Youtube last year. She has written and directed the short film under her banner Morart Films. It has been featured in India’s number one short films channel Six Sigma Films.

She is debuting into the writing world with her first novel Chasing Echoes. The title represents the main protagonist Penny, who is oscillating between reality and moments of amnesia after the tragic disappearance of her husband. She hears voices in her head and does not know who to trust in real life. This forms the basis of her thrilling psychological journey.

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