TV PILOT: Goodfella Pizza, by Drew Henriksen, Anthony Mangano

9d4d52073d posterTony and Mike’s pizzeria, American Pies, has been part of the Brooklyn landscapes since their father opened it on a GI Bill. But the changing culture of their neighborhood has forced them to close. With the blessing of their wives, they move both their families to a small town to open a new shop. Upon their arrival, some of the locals mistake them for mobsters in witness protection after seeing a reality show. Being Italian, but not what is portrayed on television, they decide to play along with the idea and their restaurant is a huge success.

As it turns out, one of the local cowboys is a Wiseguy in witness protection. He is not happy with the attention that is now being brought to the town. Will the people he’s hiding from now find him?

During the season, more of the family friends come to visit them and inadvertently add to the persona. Mike’s ex-partner from the NYPD, Rocko Chen, is thought to be Yakuzza. Tony’s daughter Katie, misses her hipster boyfriend Justin, yet when he comes to visit, he is thought to be a hitman.

Goodfella Pizza is a light-hearted family comedy for all ages.

Writer Biography – Drew Henriksen, Anthony Mangano

C12876e739 headshot

Drew Henriksen is the author of the Dragon Tales & Stories trilogy, Dragons & Wolves, The Dragon & The Detective, and Dragons and Science by ArcheBooks Publishing. Draghi & Lupi, the Italian translation of Book One, is currently on shelves in Europe. His dark western, Power of Prayer, has been playing throughout America and showing in Moscow. It won Best Short film at IOWF, a Golden Remi for Best Western at Worldfest Houstonand APEX in Tucson, the Finishing Fund Grant at the Long Island International Film Expo.
After years of being a laboratory supervisor for North Shore University Hospital, he began teaching science at Amityville Memorial High School in New York, right down the street from the famous Amityville Horror house. For eleven years has been and adjunct professor of forensic science for Syracuse University. Studying the martial arts he is now a Sensei, 4th Dan Master black belt. His Martial Arts work has gotten him stunt work and fight coordinator credit in several films. He also got to play a recurring character, Gath General, in the NBC show Kings. Drop by his website, or look him up on Facebook or IMDb.

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