Feature Script: AN AMERICAN WOMAN, by William D. Schmidt, Ph.D.

Title of Story: An American Woman

Written by: William D. Schmidt, Ph.D.


Who would believe that a woman who was initially won as a prize in a gambling game could rise to a position of universal admiration? This is a story of that unusual American woman, Sacajawea, and her significant contributions to an incredible Lewis and Clark journey to the west with a crew of men while caring for a newborn baby.

Genre: Adventure

Type: Feature screenplay.

WGA Registration Number: 2026674

Feature Script: BRIDES OF JESUS, by Joe Bartone

Title of Story: BRIDES OF JESUS

Written by: Joe Bartone

Logline: Hunted by an evil monsignor, two punk rock girls fight back with guitars and guns.

Genre: Comedy Action

Type: Feature Rock Musical Screenplay

WGA Registratio

Feature Script: PROJECT RASKOVA, by Brooke Elowe


Written by: Brooke Elowe


With a personal vendetta, unprecedented technology, and a teenager’s life on the line, a CIA spy hunts for Russia’s most notorious weapons developer to extract a breakthrough neurological implant before it self-destructs.

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Spy-Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

TV Show: BLIND DETECTIVE, by Jerry Sammers

A detective who was blind but did not interfere with the disclosure of confusing crimes.He once got involved in a complicated case about the murder of a well-known politician who was charged with this crime by an illegal immigrant who helped her obtain refugee status.

Blind Detective,TV Pilot,

Jerry Sammers, Scriptwriter

TV Show: The Misadventures of Joe Bliss, by Ron Hewski

The Misadventures of Joe Bliss is a buddy comedy that leads to adventure, intrigue, science fiction, gangs, mobsters, and everything else fate can cook up to ensure Joe loses a mundane job that he desperately tries to keep, while his best friend Javi roblez, answers yes to every call; dragging Joe behind.

The Misadventures of Joe Bliss by Ron Hewski- TV pilot

Feature Script: THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT FINCH, by Talisha Elger

Title of Story: There’s Something About Finch

Written by: Talisha Elger

Logline: Memories of a young boy’s past begin to surface when he witness a crime committed in a small town by two strange men.

Genre: Thriller, Crime, Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: (if applicable)– 1894600