TV Show: MURDER MATCH, by Koszima Mair

Based on my dating blog, a recently divorced mother of two is thrust into the ridiculous and often scary world of online dating. Each 1 hour episode is an experience from a date using sarcastic humour. The twist is a type of groundhog day scenario in the way the date ends. As she sees red flags, the dates end in her murder related to those flags. She comes back to the date as it is happening and this happens again with the next red flag. The end of each episode is how it truly did end.


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    Television Script
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    comedy, drama
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Feature Script: Grosvenor Arms, by Sean Elwood

TITLE OF STORY: Grosvenor Arms

WRITTEN BY: Sean Elwood

LOGLINE: A police officer conducting a welfare check arrives at Grosvenor Arms, an apartment full of eclectic residents that each hold pieces of a story involving a missing couple who reside inside of the building.

GENRE: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

TYPE: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: EVERYTHING’S GOING TO POT, by Valerie McCaffrey

Everything’s Going To Pot

Written By: Valerie McCaffrey

Logline: Brandon is your typical teenager growing up in the San Fernando Valley, smokes too much pot, hates school. and is fascinated by rap music and his dead beat friends. But, Brandon’s fun doesn’t last forever, especially when his uptight Mom decides to take steps so she can “cope” with his irresponsible behavior.

Genre: Comedy

Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration # 1736842

Feature Script: THE 365TH HOLIDAY MIRACLE, by Max Lishka & Tue Nguyen and JD Karlowich

Title of Story: The 365th Holiday Miracle

Written by: Max Lishka & Tue Nguyen and JD Karlowich (story), J.D. Karlowich and Tue Nguyen (Screenplay)

Logline: A comical drama holiday romance with a 1980s setting with connecting a John Hughes vibe.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: HEDY, by Natalie Alison

Title of Story: HEDY

Written by: Natalie Alison

Fighting to survive with two little children in bombed-out Vienna is not the only struggle Hedy has been facing since her husband Willy went missing in action during fierce fighting in World War II. The young mother is also fraught with anguish for being so unforgiving toward her husband during his last visit at home, so she sets out on her own to find out what happened to him at the Russian front.

Genre: Historic Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: Confirmation for registration number: 1977372

Natalie Alison

Instagram: nataliealisonofficial