1st Scene Festival Short Script: MY LOVE, MY CAT, I CUT IT, by Egy Fachriansyah

030831cbfe posterabout an editor who is able to cut out a part of a story in a film but not with his own memories.


Writer Biography – Egy Fachriansyah

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Egy Fachriansyah was born in Jakarta on September 8, 1995, and is currently pursuing his degree at the Surakarta Institute of Indonesian Art. He has made independent films since his diploma studies in broadcasting at the Jakarta State Polytechnic Creative. For him, film is not just an entertaining visual performance but there is always an implicit narrative behind it that can provide knowledge and perspectives about a situation

Writer Statement

everyone may have been abandoned by a pet because of death, loved ones or family members who have never returned until now, but unfortunately the memories of them can never be left somewhere or we are forced to disappear.


1st Scene Festival Short Script: Between A Book and A Computer, by Callan Hand

19-year-old Katie experiences the struggles and pressures that come with having to make a decision that could alter the rest of her life.

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    Student, Screenplay, Short Script
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    United States
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1st Scene Festival TV Script: LAPS: Los Angeles Pet Squad, by Chandler Bolt

LAPS is an episodic animal crime comedy featuring Rex Pincer and Katniss Claw, Hollywood’s hardened pet detectives and friends to all woodland creatures.

Written by Chandler Bolt and Fred Fox Jr. ( Happy Days, Family Matter, etc)

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1st Scene Festival Feature Script: Secret Library, by Laurel King

C6938a0ba7 posterIt’s Christmas Eve, 1896, when three children at a holiday party enter the basement of a law firm, stumbling upon the hidden doorway to labyrinthine tunnels. Curious, they explore the tunnels and discover a huge library.

But this is no ordinary library.

It has grown for centuries, hidden in the subterranean depths of New York City to ensure its continued existence until the children arrive, uninvited.

Once they enter, the children are trapped. Their only hope lies with the quick-thinking, determined rescuers who race to discover the library’s depraved history, brave the horrifying evil of its ancient inhabitants, and fight for the lives of the children and themselves.

Secret Library is a suspense-thriller horror film with a strong disabled male protagonist; a terrifyingly evil antagonist; three small children held hostage by vicious creatures; mysterious early American history; and several twists and turns that lead to a violent, unexpected ending. It is a story of betrayal, longing, sacrifice, and courage in the face of nightmares come to life.

Writer Biography – Laurel King

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Screenwriter, photographer (of nature), mother of five (grown!) awesome people, grandmother of seven hilarious little people. Proud U.S. Army veteran who traipsed all over the world and still lived to tell about it. Great sense of humor; thrilled to learn new things.

Published writer of a bunch of stuff: screenplays, stage plays, hundreds of articles, websites, short stories, and books on a wide array of topics. Spent a bunch of years earning professional experience in writing, editing, and proofreading. Produced a wide range of written material, including: published academic journal writing, historical research, how-to books, legal articles, marketing materials, screenplays, stage plays, and fiction in numerous genres.

Earned a BA in English and survived two years of law school (with the still-unpaid student loans to prove it!) Couldn’t afford that last year.

My legal skills include tons of drafting and research of motions, pleadings, memorandums, and briefs. My academic and business writing skills include proofreading, editing, creative writing, website content, technical writing, copywriting, and research. Basically, if you need something written, I can probably do it (or already did).

Hit me up if you need high-quality writing of any kind (except math, I’m awful at that). LOVE suspense, thriller, horror, mystery genres.

Writer Statement

As a professional writer with more than two decades of experience, I know how much hard work it takes to create and mold a story into a finely-polished final version. This screenplay began as a novella in 2003 and has been through countless workshops, screenplay evaluations, and multiple rewrites. I think it’s time to – finally – open the door and see what’s been hiding for so long.

LGBT Festival Short Script: BROTHER, by Aleksei Borovikov & Jacob Mueller

When young immigrant Tony is about to marry his gay partner in the US, he risks inviting his elder conservative sister and eventually faces a choice between wedding and family expectations.


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Writer Biography – Aleksei Borovikov, Jacob Mueller

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Aleksei Borovikov is a Russian-born film and video director. He began his career by working at regional and national television channels in Russia for over 15 years. In 2012, Aleksei started writing scripts and creating short films. In 2016, he graduated from Moscow Film School with a diploma in Film Directing. Aleksei’s portfolio to date includes short movies as well as music and promo/advert videos. His works have earned audience recognition and festival awards in Russia and abroad. Currently, Aleksei is pursuing an MFA degree in Cinema Directing at Columbia College Chicago.
Jacob Mueller is a screenwriter and director originally from the western suburbs of Chicago. He recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema Studies. Jacob directed multiple short films and wrote numerous scripts of different genres. His screenplay “Shoeboxes” was honored as a finalist in the 2019 Written Image awards for Best Student Short.


Writer Statement


Millions of people around the world have to leave their families and places of origin because this is the only way they can be themselves and live freely. And there are millions of families who will never fully know their sons and daughters, and this is an abyss that is not customary to talk about. This story is based on the lives of real people and explores intolerance to LGBTQ community members from the side of their closest people – parents, brothers, and sisters.

Female Festival Feature Script: The Pursuit of Redemption, by Mohsen j

Two homosexual Iranian boys fall in love. Then, one of them emigrates to another country and the other one stays in Iran alone. He tries to keep his homosexual desires and love hidden from the family and society

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    Screenplay, Other
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    romance, drama
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Female Festival Short Script: Shame or Honor, by Ceri Thomas-Davies

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Shame or Honour involves two, young Muslim, gay men Sam and Mo, who have an eventful first date at a night club, following a terrorist attack, but that’s neither the beginning nor the end, of their personal struggles. Meanwhile, in a separate story, the terrorist’s identity unfolds.

Plot for Mo and Sam
The story opens in a back alley, where we’re introduced to two young survivors of a bomb attack on a gay nightclub –Sam and Mo, together with the attentive Magenta a cross-dresser. While both are physically intact, Mo’s shirt is soaked in blood. Obviously, he just wants to go home or does he? It might not be the safest place to be.

Plot for Ayesha (Terrorist)
In a parallel story, Ayesha sees her boyfriend arrested on suspicion of terrorist activity. She now needs to carry out the attack alone. Ayesha knows that homosexuality is wrong especially during Ramadan, she needs to act. But who is Ayesha?