LA Festival Feature Screenplay: Warrior Ninja: Road to the Top, by Ondrej Pôbiš

A young man (Kichiro Honda) discovers 25 years later that his uncle is not his father. His real parents died in a car accident during the earthquake near the volcano. But his mother was still alive for a while. So he could be born. Then a girl of childhood meets in the train. They fall a little in love with each other during the interview. Later on, they will look at family secrets with sporting tradition. (Ninja Factor, Sasuke). And yet another twist is waiting for them. With their own eyes, they will see that, his girlfriend’s mom. Her mom still loves his uncle. And his girlfriend (Kiku) will have suddenly by car incident. Kiku is fighting for life in the hospital. Kichiro decides to go to Ninja Factor, Sasuke. To raise money to finish the treatment for his girlfriend. (Kiku). The question is: Will he succeed?

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    Screenplay, Other
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