LGBT Festival Short Script: BROTHER, by Aleksei Borovikov & Jacob Mueller

When young immigrant Tony is about to marry his gay partner in the US, he risks inviting his elder conservative sister and eventually faces a choice between wedding and family expectations.


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Writer Biography – Aleksei Borovikov, Jacob Mueller

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Aleksei Borovikov is a Russian-born film and video director. He began his career by working at regional and national television channels in Russia for over 15 years. In 2012, Aleksei started writing scripts and creating short films. In 2016, he graduated from Moscow Film School with a diploma in Film Directing. Aleksei’s portfolio to date includes short movies as well as music and promo/advert videos. His works have earned audience recognition and festival awards in Russia and abroad. Currently, Aleksei is pursuing an MFA degree in Cinema Directing at Columbia College Chicago.
Jacob Mueller is a screenwriter and director originally from the western suburbs of Chicago. He recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema Studies. Jacob directed multiple short films and wrote numerous scripts of different genres. His screenplay “Shoeboxes” was honored as a finalist in the 2019 Written Image awards for Best Student Short.


Writer Statement


Millions of people around the world have to leave their families and places of origin because this is the only way they can be themselves and live freely. And there are millions of families who will never fully know their sons and daughters, and this is an abyss that is not customary to talk about. This story is based on the lives of real people and explores intolerance to LGBTQ community members from the side of their closest people – parents, brothers, and sisters.

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