Feature Film: Better Days, by Kevin Van Norren


Better Days

Romantic, Comedy, Drama


After losing his job a
man reluctant to accept adulthood tries to fix his broken relationship while balancing out a habit for drinking and bad decisions.


CONNER JAMES has excelled
in irresponsibility his whole life, but that doesn’t work out to well for him when he loses his job and his girlfriend. As he struggles with his fear of commitment and his tendency to drink too much he tries to get her back. Between his friends, regulars
at the bar and other trying circumstances things don’t go exactly as planned.

A more detailed synopsis
and a complete copy of the script can be provided upon request.

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Feature Film: Because it’s natural, by Prasad Babu Kanikalla

Title of the story: Because, it’s natural

Written by: Prasad Babu Kanikalla

Logline: A live-in gay couple and a live-in lesbian couple will become two straight couples.

Genre: Comedy, Romantic, and Gay

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: On the Corner of Eden and Grace, by Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus

On the Corner of Eden and Grace

Marsha Rosenzweig Pincus

Logline: During the 3 weeks between Apollo 11 and Woodstock, a 17 year old aspiring photographer risks her safety and sanity as she plots to get her boyfriend to Woodstock to save him from slipping into heroin addiction

Feature — Drama – History ( 1969)

Feature Screenplay

WGA WEST . 1947906

Feature Film: RUNAWAY SHIP, by Theodore Carl Soderberg


Written by Theodore Carl Soderberg

Logline: Think ships can’t travel on land? Think again. A recovering alcoholic is given a second chance on one of the world’s biggest commercial shipping vessels, but finds himself in charge of a runaway ship when a mysterious white cloud from a nuclear disaster disables the ship, Captain, and officers, sending the ship rocketing towards San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Genre: Action, Adventure

Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: WGA 1905310

TV Show: A CRACK IN THE SKY, by Tom Franey

Title of Story: A Crack in the Sky

Written by: Tom Franey

Logline: When a felon is recruited into a deadly scheme to overturn the results of a U.S. presidential election, he must risk his daughter’s life or trigger World War III.

Genre: Drama

Type: TV pilot

WGA Registration Number: 2022761

Feature Script: PORNO MANIFESTO, by Kyle Michel Sullivan

Title of Story: Porno Manifesto

Written by: Kyle Michel Sullivan

Logline: When Alec learned the cops were protecting his gay-bashers, he set out to take revenge in a way they never saw coming…and which they’d help happen…and would be served hot, not cold.

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Revenge, Suspense, Character Study

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: THE THIRD DAY, by Teleah Moore

Title of Story: The Third Day

Written by: Teleah Moore

Logline: After the death of a rising star high school football player, a grief-stricken mother exposes the silent killer of young athletes while putting a strain on her marriage.

Genre: Family, Drama, Sports

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 2029438