ANIMATION FESTIVAL TV SHOW: Starlight, Starbright, by Maya Rosales

Loosely based off the works of Alfred Bester. A horror story involving an alternate timeline where one of the last human cyborgs tries to reconnect with his daughter and his past life as a veteran, despite his worsening dementia and new family.


  • Script Type:
    Television Script
  • Genres:
    Sci-fi, horror, drama, miniseries
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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1st Scene Festival Short Script: As You Sleep, by Sandra Becerril

72bb22750f posterIn 1915, Mar is a high-class woman who is being held in the psychiatric hospital “La Castañeda” for being accused of hysteria because she cheats on her husband. Amid torture, insanity and dementia, Mar must learn to spend her days. Mike, a nurse, falls in love with her to the extent of taking revenge for what they have done to her.

Writer Biography – Sandra Becerril
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She has published with Random House the novels “The name of the clouds”, “Love me more”, “Who are you thinking about killing” and the bestseller “Valley of Fire” among other novels. She has written 65 screenplays, making her the most prolific screenwriter in Mexico and the United States and the first Mexican to write for the Masters of Terror in Hollywood. She directed the films “El Escondite”, “La Venganza” and “Está Aquí” (best script in Feratum 2014), “It will be for that”, the series “Café, Café”, “Remix”, “Campus de sombras”, ” The Department “, among others. Among his most important scripts are: “Santiago, apostle”, “I am afraid”, “The Wrist of Ari”, “The step”, “From your hell” (best screenplay and Best horror film Feratum 2016), “Economy “,” Pierrot “, the plot” Almost Thirty “(nominated to the Ariel) and” Nightmare Cinema” directed by Mick Garris.

1st Scene Festival Short Script: The Short Film Club, by Darren Stokes, Matthew Bancroft

C7ba2225e5 posterThe Short Film Club’s pursuit for an original short idea. Will they think out of the box? Will they ever stop arguing? Will they ever be original? We have a bad feeling about this!


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Writer Biography – Darren Stokes, Matthew Bancroft

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Darren is an Award Winning passionate Creative with 17 years experience in TV promotions. A writer, director and editor.
Matthew a tv, film and theatre actor strives to be involved with the most interesting projects he can find and commit thoroughly to those projects.

Writer Statement

Finding the Character in the writing, directing and edit to show the narrative, leaving a distinct memorable experience. That’s the Goal.
No one ever made a difference by being the same!

Do what you say you’ll do and more if you can.

1st Scene Festival Short Script: Strawberries, by Adonis de la Cruz Vásquez

C2366505f5 posterPablo and Eva, friends and classmates, discover that love and affection are not synonyms.

Writer Biography – Adonis de la Cruz Vásquez

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Adonis de la Cruz is a young filmmaker, screenwriter and photographer from Madrid, born in 1999. He started making short films at the institute, becoming selected with them at different European festivals and in 2018 he premiered “Hold me tightly” and ” Through my veins”, and “The sound of the wind” in 2019. Since 2017 he is studying Audiovisual Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid.

Writer Statement

This is one of my deepest and most personal films. In this movie I reflect on the fine line that separates friendship from love

Female Festival Feature Script: Snakehead, by Sophia Ciampaglia

4bf4fd78f3 posterUnder the pressure of granting her mother’s dying wish, young Dahlia Davis becomes a nun-in-training. But her initial lack of faith and hunger for revenge lead her to collide with an Illegal Chinese Immigrant on the run from a dangerous human smuggling gang.

Writer Biography – Sophia Ciampaglia

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Sophia is a film student at Fitchburg State University. She specializes in Narrative, and Drama pieces. She was inspired to work in Film ever since watching The Dark Knight as a little girl and has since then worked hard to grow in the Industry. Sophia directed Won’t You Stay? (2018) which showed at IFFBoston Student Showcase on behalf of her school. She has worked on numerous other shorts as either director and/or cinematographer and is currently planning to write and direct her next short. Sophia also plans on doing more producing work in the future.

Female Festival Feature Script: The Three Lives of Shirin Sohrabi, by Alexandra Kaucher

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The Three Lives of Shirin Sohrabi follows a sex worker as she builds a brothel empire in a Montana mining town during the 1850’s.

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Female Festival Short Script: Walking Out Of Normal Zone, by Lily Liu

A girl, Anne, lost her legs in a car accident, and now categorized herself as “abnormal”. In her rehabilitation home, she meets another girl,  Zia, who is happy and bright but has a dark side that she rarely shows. The friendship between the two girls eventually helped Anne to gain back her confidence.


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