Feature Film: LEGACY, by William Petersen

                                 L  E  G  A  C  Y 
                                                                     A Feature Film 
                                                                    William Petersen        
          A cryptic and illusionary saga of courage and family honor, which spans two Kingdoms.          A sweeping shot of the Harvard University campus rings the alarm, and tells us we are at  the center of intellectual achievement and the pursuit of the ultimate truth in our lives…. A       shy, but brilliant student, Lachlan O’Malley, has just been accepted on a scholarship; he lives    a few blocks away and often runs to the safety of  St. Anthony’s Catholic Cathedral across. 
          the street from Harvard Square…. to write in his journal and escape the never-ending torment         of older men at Kennedy High School, where he is ridiculed and beaten on a weekly basis…
          In his dreamy, misty world of shadows… he is important…  loved…   a king in a magical and mystical dynasty….  There he will pen his first novel explaining his father’s disappearance!   
          (c) 2020 WGA, LA

By pitchstory

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