LA Festival Feature Script: Tatu Frater Durum (aka 3 Bad Ass Brothers), by Max Highsmith

Three the Hard Way (TM) meets Avengers:Endgame in a story where 3 unknown Black Superheroes save the Earth.


Writer Biography – Maxwell Highsmith

Aca62f25b0 headshot

Max Highsmith is an Actor/ Stunt-man/Podcast Host and Citizen-Soldier for the SC National Guard.

As a Guardsman, he is an Intelligence Analyst supporting Warriors working in Harms Way protecting American Interests abroad. He also has prior Military service of 22 years. He has sailed on two Nuclear submarines and fired one nuclear missile.

As a Creative, he loves and approves his LinkedIn Profile Bio, “A Creative Dude doing Creative Things”. His IG hashtags of #MaxwellHighsmith_Actor and #ManyFacesOfMaxwellHighsmith keep him entertained and hungry for the work as a Creative.

Of all the work on his Creative Resume, Maxwell is most proud of his two podcasts, his time in Wakanda(TM) and the film “More Than A Coach: The Taft Watson Story”.

Maxwell’s Actor profile can be viewed at Actor’s,, or on IMDB. His reel is located at

Writer Statement

Tatu Frater Durum was a joy to write and every now and then I re-read it to relive the action sequences. I only write what I want to see on the big screen. I’m excited about this piece and can not wait to see this on the big screen.

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