LA Festival Feature Film: STRAIGHT FLUSH by Theonymfi Kypriotaki

STRAIGHT FLUSH is a romantic drama focusing on a woman who is desperately trying to get out of the casino business. After receiving two degrees and desperate for money out of college, Ann Turner takes the first job she can find; a croupier at the Grand Cashino. Known for its “unique” crowd, Ann is constantly in the middle of drunken brawls, corruption and unwanted sexual advances. Her best friend, Brenda has begun to achieve everything Ann dreams of. Brenda has found a man she’s interested in and a new job taking her out of the casino gig. Brenda forces Ann to download a dating app so she can at least pick the pace up on her social life. From there, Ann meets Oliver and the two instantly hit it off. Oliver sees how hard Ann works just to live day to day and falls in love with her unrelenting urge to better her life. Ann is constantly applying to jobs, but is stalled in the process due to her schedule at work and potential employers rejecting her resume due to her lack of experience in the fields she desires. As the two become closer and form a relationship, Ann receives the news that her estranged Father has passed away. While Brenda takes care of their black cat, she stumbles across a letter that Ann has written to her deceased Mother. Beautifully written, Ann is telling her how she feels about her Father passing away. During her shift, Oliver pays a visit and comes across an interaction between Ann and a customer. He accuses her of being a prostitute that leads to the relationship falling apart. Not long after, Ann encounters a life threatening experience leading her quitting the casino. Ryan, who is romantically interested in Ann, happens to be at her workplace when everything escalates and offers his support. He gets her an interview at a Publisher’s office that leads to a happy ending of her publishing a book and being with Ryan.

Writer Biography – Theonymfi Kypriotaki

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I am a young and ambitious lady currently living in LA. I work on both sides of the camera as an actress, model, and a content creator. Versatility is my strength. I have a warm, engaging and approachable personality that adapts easily in all new environments backed up with loads of energy. I am an established commercial & promotional model with experience shooting for start-up businesses, brands and more. Acting is also one of my passions and I have participated in a variety of short & feature films. Always seeking new and exciting projects to work on.

For the past 12 years, I have generated hundreds of reports, letters, proposals, presentations, press releases and reviews in all aspects of business management, marketing, budget control, and inventory. This made me confident to pursue screenplay writing.

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