LA Festival Feature Script: Secret Library, by Laurel King

C6938a0ba7 posterIt’s Christmas Eve, 1896, when three children at a holiday party enter the basement of a law firm, stumbling upon the hidden doorway to labyrinthine tunnels. Curious, they explore the tunnels and discover a huge library.

But this is no ordinary library.

It has grown for centuries, hidden in the subterranean depths of New York City to ensure its continued existence until the children arrive, uninvited.

Once they enter, the children are trapped. Their only hope lies with the quick-thinking, determined rescuers who race to discover the library’s depraved history, brave the horrifying evil of its ancient inhabitants, and fight for the lives of the children and themselves.

Secret Library is a suspense-thriller horror film with a strong ensemble cast; a terrifyingly evil antagonist; three small children held hostage by vicious creatures; mysterious early American history; and several twists and turns that lead to a violent, unexpected ending. It is a story of betrayal, longing, sacrifice, and courage in the face of nightmares come to life.


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Writer Biography – Laurel King

31c674bb9c headshot

Screenwriter, photographer (of nature), mother of five (grown!) awesome people, grandmother of seven hilarious little people. Proud U.S. Army veteran who traipsed all over the world and still lived to tell about it. Great sense of humor; thrilled to learn new things.

Published writer of a bunch of stuff: screenplays, stage plays, hundreds of articles, websites, short stories, and books on a wide array of topics. Spent a bunch of years earning professional experience in writing, editing, and proofreading. Produced a wide range of written material, including: published academic journal writing, historical research, how-to books, legal articles, marketing materials, screenplays, stage plays, and fiction in numerous genres.

Earned a BA in English and survived two years of law school (with the still-unpaid student loans to prove it!) Couldn’t afford that last year.

My legal skills include tons of drafting and research of motions, pleadings, memorandums, and briefs. My academic and business writing skills include proofreading, editing, creative writing, website content, technical writing, copywriting, and research. Basically, if you need something written, I can probably do it (or already did).

Hit me up if you need high-quality writing of any kind (except math, I’m awful at that). LOVE suspense, thriller, horror, mystery genres.

Writer Statement

As a professional writer with more than two decades of experience, I know how much hard work it takes to create and mold a story into a finely-polished final version. This screenplay began as a novella in 2003 and has been through countless workshops, screenplay evaluations, and multiple rewrites. I think it’s time to – finally – open the door and see what’s been hiding for so long.

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